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The following is a list of interesting biographies with the largest at the top. Those marked with contain pictures.

Name Born in Profession
Adolphus Frederick AYLWARD 1821
Alexander James GRAHAM 1928 Postal Worker
Alice Evelyn Sybil LEE 1905
Allan Claude WELLER 1880
Ann WELLER 1786
Annie Meek WELLER 1820 Folkestone
Arthur Palmer WELLER 1905 Farmer and schoolmas
Arthur Wilfred Ernest WELLER 1911 Epping, Victoria, Au Farmer
B. WELLER 19xx Withheld
Benjamin WELLER 1802 Amersham
Bernard George WELLER 1881 Amersham Lt. Col., R Marines
Carlen Lacey WELLER 1875
Charles Peter WROTH 1929 Exeter Professor of Enginee
Charles Richard WELLER
Charles Richard WELLER 1791 Amersham, Buckingham Financier in Threadn
Charles William SCHULTZE 1813 Manager, Director, P
Christopher Harold WELLER 1879 Amersham Clergyman
Clara Ann CHANNER 1816 Sutton, Middlesex, E
Clara Rosamond KIDD 1882 Diamond Creek, Victo Farmer
C L B. WELLER 19xx Withheld
Cyril Haddon WELLER 1907
Derek WELLER 1937
Edith Emma AYLWARD 1851 Chesham
Edith Margaret WELLER 1875
Edward WELLER 1837 Penn, Bucks Store & Innkeeper
Edward WELLER 1864 Queenstown. Victoria
Edward WELLER 1843 Brewer & Farmer.
Edward WELLER 1814 Folkestone Whaler, Landowner.
Edward Pohau ELLISON 1884 Waikanae Medical Officer
Edward William Morton WELLER 1876 Amersham Clergyman
Edwin WELLER 1858 High Wycombe, Buckin Chair Manufacturer's
Elisabeth WELLER 1800
Elizabeth SHERRIFF Buckinghamshire, Eng
Elizabeth SHACKELL Penn
Elizabeth BOTHAM 1843 Wexham Court, Buckin
Elizabeth Gow BAILLIE 1898 Rothsay, Glasgow, Sc
Elsie Rose WELLER 1889 High Wycombe
Elspeth JOHNSTON 1868
Emma Jane ADAMS 1872
Ethel WELLER 1877 High Wycombe
Evelyne WELLER 1877 Berrick Salome, Oxfo
Fanny WELLER 1834 Otago, NZ
Florence RUSH 1880 London, England.
Frances WELLER 1811 Folkestone, England.
Francis SCARCE 1858 Kangaroo Ground,Vict
Freda SHURMUR 1909 Secretary?
Frederic WELLER 1855 Amersham Clergyman / Schoolma
Frederic Aylward WELLER 1873 Amersham
Frederick Edmund HUBBARD Doctor
George CHANNER 1779 Ivinghoe, Buckingham
George WELLER 1844 Brewer.
George WELLER 1805 Amersham Merchant Trader, Lan
George HOLLOWAY Brewer
George Arthur WELLER 1874
George Brion WELLER 1848 High Wycombe, Buckin Butcher, Baker, Groc
George Brion WELLER 1871 Wycombe Reg Dist (3r Storekeeper. Travell
George Girdwood CHANNER 1811 Colonel in the East
George Herbert WELLER 1887
George John Barwise WELLER 1830 Sydney Innkeeper
George Thomas WELLER 1927
Gladys Heath WELLER 1872 Amersham, Buckingham
Hana Nani WELLER 1840 Otago, New Zealand.
Harold WELLER 1889 West Wycombe, Englan Smelter, Canadian Ar
Harold Ralph WELLER 1916 Hammersmith, London, Hotel manager. Royal
Henry SCARCE 1830 Saxmundham Suffell
Henry HART Chairmaker
Henry WELLER 1788 Amersham, Buckingham
Henry WELLER 1847 Amersham
Henry Leonard TAYLOR 1912 Ponders End, Essex. Hairdresser
Herbert LEE Master builder, scul
Herbert Clifford Lindsay WELLER 1910
Hugh SMITH Doctor and apothecar
Hyacinth Jocelyn LEVY 1901 Black River, Jamaica
Isabella WELLER 1869 Kangaroo Ground. Vic
James WELLER 1873 Kangaroo Ground. Vic Carpenter
James HOLLOWAY Lace Merchant and Dr
James DONALDSON 1868 Langloan, Old Monkla
James WELLER 1793
James WELLER 1851 Clergyman
James William WELLER 1880
Joanna HUNT 1807
John WELLER 1866 Kangaroo Ground, Vic Blacksmith, Farmer
John WELLER 1794 Clergyman
John Allan Claude WELLER 1913 Teacher, Author, Mil
John Cyril WELLER 1868 Park House, Shalden, Farmer
John Eric WELLER 1918 Selston. Colonel RE
John Lacey WELLER 1790
Jonathan WELLER 1842 Roke farm, Roke, Oxf
Joseph BELL 1937 Bricklayer, carpente
Joseph Brooks WELLER 1802 Aylesbury Whaler & Landowner
Joyce WELLER 1908
Kate Elizabeth WELLER
Kenneth John WELLER 1908 Lethbridge, Alberta, Electrician. Photogr
Lurline WELLER 1898 Parish of St. Elizab
Lydia HOLLOWAY 1817 Two Waters, Hemel He
Lydia WELLER 1841
Mabel Grace GAGGIN 1879 Clarence Town, NSW.
Marion Jane LOFTUS
Martyn BELCHER 1867
Mary BAND 1839 Dairsie, Fife, Scotl Store and Innkeeper
Mary WELLER 1862 Queenstown/ St Andre
Mary GIBBONS 1803 Tipperary, Ireland
Mary WELLER 1789
Mary WELLER 1783 Amersham, Buckingham
Mary WELLER 1846
Mary HUGHES 1850
Mary WELLER 1860 High Wycombe
Mary Ann WELLER 1832 High Wycombe, Buckin
Mary Ellen Davina SCOTT 1913 South Melbourne,VIc Hairdresser, Farmer
Maud Emily SALLOWS 1911
Maurice Adams WELLER 1904 Army Corporal. Post
Normand Forrester WELLER 1886 Montreal, Canada. Army Sergeant
Olga HANDJIEVA Bulgaria Stunt pilot and sky
Percival JOHNSTON 1845 Wellington, NZ
Percy Edwin WELLER 1880 Meat cutter
Priscilla UNDERWOOD 1848 West Haddon
Ralph Oswald WELLER 1910 Poultry farmer.
Rebecca WELLER 1830 High Wycombe, Englan
Rebecca RANDALL 1835 Parramatta, New Sout
Richard WELLER 1844 Uxbridge, Middlesex,
Richard Baraby Finch WELLER 1835 England Gardener
Richard Dudley WELLER 1883 Amersham Clergyman
Robert JOHNSTON 1792
Robert Charles BROWN 1867 Nayland, Suffolk Doctor
Ruby WELLER 1905 Diamond Creek, Victo
Rupert Charles WELLER 1877 Wycombe Reg Dist (1s Butcher shop (Weller
Sally Jane MCCRACKEN 1953
Samuel ADAMS 1849
Sarah SMITH 1790 Jamaica
Sarah WELLER 1798 Penn, Buckinghamshir
Sarah WELLER 1853 Amersham, Buckingham
Sarah BRION 1826
Sarah Jane CRICHTON 1876
Stephen WELLER 1787 Penn
Stephen MORRIS 1732
Stephen WELLER 1821 Wycombe Marsh (or Pe Chairmaker. French p
Stephen WELLER 1844 High Wycombe
Stuart JANES
Sylvia Patricia TAYLOR 1935 114 Burnham Road, So Mother
Teiwi Herehere Merekihere ERIHANA 1880 Otago
Teone Matapura ERIHANA 1864 Otakou
Thomas RANDALL 1804 London (Parish Regis Seaman with His Maje
Thomas WELLER 1761 High Wycombe Butcher
Thomas WELLER 1804
Thomas ELLISON 1866 Otago Barrister & Interpre
Thomas ADAMS 1813 West Haddon Builder
William WELLER 1809 Black River, Parish
William WELLER 1833 Black River, Parish
William WELLER Newington Maltster in High Wyc
William SCARCE 1860 Kangaroo Ground, Vic Printer
William WELLER 1797 Brewer.
William WELLER 1840 Sleeping Partner In
William WELLER 1880 Montreal accountant / clerk /
William Bancroft WELLER 1870 Parish of St. Elizab
William Bancroft WELLER 1901 Parish of St. Elizab
William Cooper WELLER 1868
William Stephen WELLER 1872 High Wycombe Carpenter, Orderly.
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