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Isabella WELLER
Father: Edward WELLER
Mother: Mary BAND
Born: 1869-11-09
Died: 1952-07-01 (aged 82 years)
Buried: Fawkner Cemetery, Cremated remains, Rose Garden No.2 Comp. Roses Bed BBB Rose 58. Vic, Reg No: 7870
= Married  =
on: 1895
at: Victoria, Australia

Further information for Isabella WELLER.

Birth place: Kangaroo Ground. Victoria, Australia. Vic, Reg No: 3070


Isabella Weller: born 1870 at Kangaroo Ground. Vic B.D.M reg no. 3070

Evelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record Friday 19th January 1895

ORANGE BLOSSOM. GREENAWAY-~WELLER. On the afternoon of Tuesday last, 15th inst., Mr. John Edward Greenaway, youngest son of the late William Greenaway,. of Heidelberg, and Miss Isabella Weller, third daughter of the late Edward Weller, of Kangaroo Ground, were united in matrimony by the Rev. John Darroch, the ceremony taking place at the residence of the bride's mother, Kangaroo Ground, which was tastefully decorated for the occasion. The bride wore a dress of cream woollen crepe on-the bodice being beautifully trimmed with cream satin and lace, with a spray of orange blossom, and the skirt trimmed with lace and sprays of orange blossom. Wreath and veil. The four brides maids (Misses Rebecca and Lily Weller, sisters of the bride; Miss E. U. Greenaway, sister of the bride. groom, and Miss Beatrice Smith, cousin of the bride) were dressed alike, white spotted muslin, with pink ribbons, and sprays of Jessamino in the hair. Mr. F. Greenaway, brother of the bridegroom, acted as best man. After the ceremony quite a number sat down to an excellent "wedding breakfast" provided by the bride's mother. Several toasts were proposed and responded to, the principal one, of course, being "the newly wedded pair," proposed by the Rev. Mr. Darroch, and replied to by the bridegroom. In, the evening a party was given in the Kangaroo Ground Hall, at which there was a very large attendance, almost all the families of Kangaroo Ground being represented. A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had, and the happy couple were showered with kind congratulations. The wedding presents given were both numerous and varied,

Isabella and John had 4 children;

  1. Frederick Clifton Greenaway. b: 1902 in Clifton Hill, Vic, Reg No: 1982. Married; Olive Rubina ?Geor/gina Dark b: 1908 m: 1932 in Vic, Reg No: 171
  2. Thomas Phillip Greenaway. b: 28 August 1909 in Brighton, Vic, Reg No: 16750 d: 9 April 1983 in Aged 73, Springvale, Reg No: 08339 Burial: 13 April 1983 Genista - Wall Niche, Springvale Crematorium, Wall J Niche 15D. Married; Agnes Moffat. b: Abt. 1913 d: in Aged 86 Burial: 21 December 1999 Genista - Wall Niche, Springvale Crematorium, Wall J Niche 15D
  3. John Cecil Greenaway. b: 1898 in Kangaroo Ground, Vic, Reg No: 27083 Military service: Joined Citizen Forces, 31/08/1942 Occupation: Carpenter. Married; Marjorie Hazel. d: 28 February 1986 in Aged 80 Burial: 4 March 1986 Springvale Crematorium, Downard - Plaque On Wall, Wall A Position 31
  4. William Edward Greenaway b: 1895 in Kangaroo Ground, Vic, Reg No: 21887 d: 1967 in Heidelberg, Vic, Reg No: 7849 Burial: 18 April 1967 Springvale Crematorium, Dodonaea - Wall Niche, Wall D Niche 59, Military service: Lieutenant, 39th Battalion Occupation: Cabinet Maker

Isabella died at Caulfield, Victoria, Australia.

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