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Richard WELLER
Father: Richard WELLER
Mother: Mary Ann HOWARD
Born: 1844
Died: 1903-02-14 (aged 59 years)
Buried: Death place: 'Belvedere', Atawhai, (Wakapuaka) Nelson, New Zealand.
Burial place: Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson, NZ.
= Married  =
on: 1865-01-10
at: Wexham, Buckinghamshire, England.
Elizabeth BOTHAM
Born: 1843
Died: 1924-09-06 (aged 81 years)
Buried: “Belvedere”, Atawhai, (Wakapuaka) Nelson, NZ.
Burial place: Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson, NZ
Children:   |
Richard Howard
Born: 1867
Died: 1936-01-08
John Cyril
Born: 1868-05-17
Died: 1945-06-04
Evelyn Kathleen Mary
Born: 1870
Died: 1922-03-28
Brian Francis
Born: 1872
Died: 1955-06-05
Harrie Austin
Born: 1873
Died: 1947-03-19
Maud Ellen Lavinia
Born: 1875
Died: 1954-08-25

Further information for Richard WELLER.

Birth place: Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Domiciles: Wakapuaka (also recorded in some records of the time as Upper Atawhai) was the name of the family homestead region.


[From Kathie Weller. Connection to be confirmed]

We have determined that my great great grandfather was Richard Weller, occupation noted as gentleman and he married Mary Ann Howard. Their son, my great grandfather Richard Weller born c.1844 Wexham, Buckinghamshire [Amersham census record] married Elizabeth Botham at Wexham and they had five, possibly six, children before emigrating to New Zealand in c.1879.

There appears to have been the two sons Richard Howard Weller and John Cyril Weller. Additionally, the 1897 Nelson NZ Electoral roll lists the following members of the Weller household -

Weller Eliza (Elizabeth), Suburban North, domestic duties, residential
Weller Evelyn Kathleen Mary, Suburban North, domestic duties residential
Weller Maud Ellen Lavinia, Suburban North, Domestic duties residential
Weller Richard, Suburban North, Famer, residential.

It appears there were two daughters of the household, Evelyn Kathleen Mary and Maud Ellen Lavinia, likely younger than my grandfather John Cyril Weller, still living at home with their parents.

My elder sister has Evelyn as one of her given names and I am named Kathleen for my paternal great aunt.

Great grandfather is shown in the 1861 UK census as an apprentice farmer and the nephew of John Howard, ?Burnham, Buckinghamshire.

The 1871 census records Richard Weller at age 27, Farmer, married, listed as visitor at John Howard's farm at Durney, Buckinghamshire.   This would appear to confirm my great grandfather as a visiting nephew of John Howard at that time.

Richard and Eliza Weller emigrated to NZ in 1877. They sailed on the Auckland, a ship of 1245 tons, saloon class, with total of 50 passengers, which left London on 28 September 1877 and Gravesend a day later.

New Zealand records note my great grandfather, upon and following arrival in New Zealand, variously as a gentleman, settler, or farmer. He bought and settled an estate at Wakapuaka, Nelson, NZ. A copy of his death certificate confirms his parents as Richard Weller, Gentleman, and Mary Ann Weller, formerly Howard. The certificate also notes his marriage at Wexham, Buckinghamshire at age 24 years.

We wonder whether my said great grandfather [John] Richard was one of two brothers, the other perhaps being named John, and, if such was the case, that they were either very close in age or perhaps twins. We hope to learn a little more in that regard in due time.

Their first son was named Richard Howard Weller [which appears to acknowledge the maternal Howard family connection] and their second son, John Cyril Weller, born in ?Oxford, England, was my grandfather

My grandfather's New Zealand marriage certificate notes his place of birth as County of Middlesex and his parents as Richard Weller, Settler, and Eliza [Elizabeth] Weller, ne? Botham.

My father, Charlie Douglas Weller, born 13 October 1913 at Aramoho, Wanganui, NZ, was the youngest and last surviving of the eight children of John Cyril Weller and Margaret Weller neé Hogg. He was a twin but his twin sister, Evelyn, died soon after birth.

[/Kathie Weller]

[From: David Weller]

This Weller family including 7 children sailed from England and arrived in Port Chalmers, (Dunedin), New Zealand aboard the 'Auckland' on December 31st 1877. One of the 7 children died on the way. Exactly one year later they moved north to Nelson. John Cyril was living in Masterton in the 1890's and moved to Wanganui where two further generations were born.

[/David Weller]

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