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Born: 1804
= Married  =
on: 1834-12-20
at: St Johnís Church of England, Parramatta, NSW, Australia.
Born: 1803
Children:   |
Born: 1830
Died: 1857
Born: 1835
Baptised: 1835-11-15
Died: 1887-05-25
Mary Scholastica
Born: 1838
Died: 1879
Born: 1841
Died: 1897
Born: 1844
Died: 1920
Born: 1846

Further information for Thomas RANDALL.

Birth place: London (Parish Register of St Bride, London, England)
Profession: Seaman with His Majestyís Honourable East India Company. Constable and Signal Master at Parramatta.


Thomas RANDALL when young joined His Majestyís East India Company as a seaman and made several voyages to Bengal on the ship, Princess Charlotte of Wales. In January 1825 he was convicted and sentenced to transportation for Life for the supposed theft (on his way home from church at St Brides) of a handkerchief, value sixpence, from an unknown person in Salisbury Court near Fleet Street. His mother, Rebecca RANDALL petitioned Home Secretary, Robert Peel, with the support of the shipís owners, Captain and officers as well as local businessmen from the Smithfield, area for his release, but without success. On arrival at Port Jackson by the City of Edinburgh, he was assigned as crew to the Governorís barge where he remained for 8 years, as well as serving as a Constable and Signal Master at Parramatta. He was highly respected by the Colonial authorities who supported his Conditional Pardon received in 1841.

[from Dr Pat MILLAR & Noel Wilkinson]

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