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Father: James HOLLOWAY
Mother: Lydia SMITH
Died: 1827
= Married  =
Eleanor COOK
Children:   |
Born: 1764
Born: 1817
Died: 1897-11-09

Further information for George HOLLOWAY.

Profession: Brewer
Domiciles: Two Waters, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire


[R.M.Weller (many thanks to Maddie (Sue) of Lincoln who found the baptisms at Kings Langley, which was a vital key to making this breakthrough)]

The will of George HOLLOWAY, brewer, of Two Waters, written 1821 and proved 1827 is explicit:

He left cottages and his household effects etc to "Eleanor COOK now residing with me," and makes bequests to "my son or reputed son George HOLLOWAY [and] my daughters or reputed daughters Sarah HOLLOWAY and Lydia HOLLOWAY born out of the body of the said Eleanor COOK."

All three children - Lydia HOLLOWAY, George HOLLOWAY and Sarah Holloway COOK - were baptised at Kings Langley on 27 Nov 1820, children of Eleanor COOK, with no mention of father. It is interesting to note that George, despite his illegitimacy, became a C of E clergyman.

[Alister Rayner]

George, Brewer of Hemel Hempstead, was also listed as one of the trustees of the Boxmoor land trust in 1809. Getting in touch with the Boxmoor trust, it turns out he was also listed on their Indenture of Feoffment in 1787 and 1797, where he was named as the owner of the Half Moon Meadow. In the Indenture of 1787 a James Holloway, Draper of Hemel Hempstead, was also mentioned. George's father?

The Queens Head in Corner Hall is interesting. George owned it as part of his tied estate on his death in 1827. However, a James Holloway, probably his younger brother, who only inherited cash and no land, was landlord there from 1817-1828. Another James Holloway, born 1821, perhaps his son, was landlord there as late as 1851. One of these two was done for Weights and Measures in 1840!


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