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Richard Dudley WELLER
Father: Edward WELLER
Mother: Edith Emma AYLWARD
Born: 1883-01-12
Died: 1965-04-21 (aged 82 years)
Buried: Finchampstead, England.
= Married  =
on: 1913-09-02
Jessie Edith SNELL
Born: 1882
Died: 1968-11-23 (aged 86 years)
Buried: Finchampstead, England.
Children:   |
Edward David
Born: 1914-12-06
Died: 1917-01-11
William Richard
Born: 1916-11-03
Died: 1938-10-20
John Eric
Born: 1918-06-24
Died: 2005-01-07
Joan Mary
Born: 1922-10-04
Died: 2007-05-03

Further information for Richard Dudley WELLER.

Birth place: Amersham
Profession: Clergyman
Domiciles: Selston & Finchampstead


[From: Richard Morton Weller]

Born at Blackwell Hall Jan 12. 1883. At school in Brighton and Bedford. Assistant Master at Clevedon College 1903-1906. At Selwyn College, Cambridge 1906-1909. Captain of the Selwyn Boat 1909. Ordained in Southwell Minister, Trinity Sunday 1910. Curate at St. Giles, West Bridgford 1910-1913. Curate at Marlpool (Heanor Parish) 1913-1916. Vicar of Selston, Nottinghamshire 1916-1924. Vicar of Ruddington 1924-1931. Rural Dean, West Bingham 1926-1931. Rector of Finchampstead 1931-1952.

Married: Jessie Edith, daughter of Dr. Enoch and Mrs. Snell of Nottingham September 2nd 1913.

In 1952 Dick retired from Finchampstead after over 20 years service. He had been bequeathed a house in Bornemouth together with a substantial legacy. These came from the widow of his cousin Gerard who was son of Uncle George. Thus some of the money made in Amersham came back to a member of the Edward Weller branch.

[For his early years see also the biography of his mother Edith Emma Aylward.]

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