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George Brion WELLER
Father: George Brion WELLER
Mother: Mary HUGHES
Born: 1871
Died: 1921-06-29 (aged 50 years)
Buried: Mountain View Cemetery, Lethbridge, Canada.
= Married  =
on: 1908-05-20
at: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
Florence RUSH
Born: 1880
Died: 1933-06-16 (aged 53 years)
Buried: Brunsland Cemetery in Calgary.
Children:   |
Kenneth John
Born: 1908
Died: 1996
Alice Mary
Born: 1909
Died: 1910

Further information for George Brion WELLER.

Birth place: Wycombe Reg Dist (3rdh quarter of 1871)
Profession: Storekeeper. Travelling salesman.
Domiciles: England. Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.


George was killed by a train in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, when his car stalled on the train tracks and he got under the car to see what was wrong. He was partly deaf and didn't hear the train coming.

[From: David Weller]

George left England for South Africa, and served in the Boer War as a sergeant. He immigrated to Canada after the Boer War and settled in Lethbridge Alberta Canada. He married Florence Rush, May 20, 1908 at Lethbridge. She came to Canada from London England to marry George. George worked for the City of Lethbridge as a storekeeper from about 1911 - 1915. He later worked for Campbell, Wilson and Horne, Wholesale grocer as a traveler (salesman). A daughter, Alice Mary was born March 1909 and died one year later. A son Kenneth John was born in 1910 (?). June 29, 1921 George was killed in a car/train accident at a crossing about twenty miles east of Lethbridge. His car apparently stalled on the tracks as the train approached. He is buried at the Mountain View Cemetery in Lethbridge in an area reserved for war veterans. Wife Florence and son "Jack" lived in Lethbridge until 1925 at which time they moved to Calgary Alberta. Florence died June 16, 1933. She is buried at the Brunsland Cemetery in Calgary.

[End: David Weller]

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