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William Bancroft WELLER
Father: William Bancroft WELLER
Born: 1901-03-19
= Married  =
on: 1920
at: Jamaica
Hyacinth Jocelyn LEVY
Born: 1901
Children:   |
C L B.
Born: 19xx
L W.
Born: 19xx
Born: 19xx
Born: 19xx

Further information for William Bancroft WELLER.

Birth place: Parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica


[Source: Janet Davis, Carolyn Weller]

Notes for William Bancroft Weller: William travelled with his sister Lurline to the USA on 10th February 1923 to find work. He left his wife Ethylin, otherwise known as Hyacinth, and baby son Clavell, in Jamaica initially. William and Lurline sailed aboard a ship called Tivives, which arrived in New York, on 15th February 1923. The record states that his planned destination was Bridgeport, Connecticut. They listed their next of kin as, William J Weller, of Black River. Ethylin sailed out to join them, arriving in New York on 23rd June 1924.

I don't know if they ever reached Connecticut, but the US 1930's census tells us that William, Ethylin, and three of their sons are all living in Dwelling 62, West 103 Street, Manhattan, New York. The sons were Lloyd, Halford, and Milton. William was working as a Doorman for a house of apartments. I have been unable to find records of birth for William and Ethylin's other children, although I am told that there were six children altogether.

After returning to Jamaica, William worked in a Bank, and current day family think that he may have been a Loss Adjuster.


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