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James (Jim) WELLER
Father: Edward WELLER
Mother: Mary BAND
Born: 1873-05-07
= Married  =
on: 1907-05-07
at: Trafalgar, Victoria, Australia
Grace Constance DALGLEISH
Died: 1939
Buried: New South Wales

Further information for James WELLER.

Birth place: Kangaroo Ground. Victoria, Australia.
Profession: Carpenter


James Weller: born 1873 at Kangaroo Ground. Vic B.D.M reg no 17329
Weller- Dalgliesh wedding.
From the Evelyn Observer Friday May 16th 1902.
James Weller married Miss Grace Dalgleish the 3rd daughter of Mr Dalgleish of Trafalgar (Gippsland, Victoria). The ceromony took place at the Machanics Institue in Trafalgar and was witnessed by large crowd. The bride was said to look charming in her handsome dress of white silk which was trimed with chiffon, silk braid and sprays of Orange Blossom....

James is noted on his mothers will as having moved to Manly, N.S.W. at the time of her death in 1919.

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