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Father: William WELLER
Mother: Sarah LACEY
Born: 1788
Died: 1815-03-25 (aged 27 years)
Buried: Died at Black River, Jamaica, Parish of St. Elizabeth.
= Married  =
Born: 1790
Children:   |
Born: 1809-09-07
Died: 1846

Further information for Henry WELLER.

Birth place: Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England.
Domiciles: Black River, Jamaica.


Henry's brother-in-law George CHANNER lived at Black River for a while. He was from Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire at the time of his marriage in 1807 to Henry's sister Mary (1783-1860). They later returned to Buckinghamshire, for he [George CHANNER] was buried at Amersham following his death on 28 Nov 1830.

Henry also went to Jamaica, and died there. It is assumed that he had a plantation in or near Black River and may have given his name to some of the plantation workers, but there is no evidence for this. If you have any information about this Weller/Jamaica connection please forward it to us.

Monumental inscriptionChurchyard of St. Mary's, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England.

John Lacey WELLER, son of William and Sarah Weller, departed 5th April 1823, aged 33.

Henry WELLER, eldest son of William and Sarah Weller died at Black River, Jamaica, 25th March 1815 aged 27.

James, son of William and Sarah WELLER ? 1819 aged 26.

Benjamin, youngest son of William and Sarah WELLER ? February 1820 in his 18th year.

Ann, wife of William Hill PEERS and daughter of the above William WELLER who died at Coventry ? September 1829 aged 43 and buried in St Mark's churchyard of that city.

Charles Richard, son of the above [William WELLER] who died in Threadneedle Street [London] ?1830.

Mary, daughter of William and Sarah WELLER and widow of George CHANNER, died at St John's Wood, November 14th 1860 aged 77.

[Source: Carolyn Weller, Janet Davis]

Henry also travelled out to Jamaica, and made his life there. He is 'reputed' to have had one son that we know of called William Weller b.1809. William's mother was Sarah Smith, a Free Mulatto. There are two records in existence recording this. William, in later years, named his three sons after (1) himself, (2) his grandfather, Henry Weller, and (3) his uncle John Lacey Weller, which I think, gives excellent credence to the 'reputation'.

I have been unable to find any records regarding Henry's occupation. He is not listed in any of the Jamaican Almanacs as being a Landed Proprietor, or Slave Owner. However, there are records of Weller's in St. Elizabeth, in the mid 1800's who, I am fairly certain, were slaves. I found one record which shows a Slave by the name of Marianne Weller, sold for the sum of 10/- to Ann Austin in 1822.

I will mention here, that I have found a record for a Mary Ann Wood Weller, who is recorded as being a Proprietor of an Estate, and Slave Owner, in Port Royal, Jamaica in 1817, ..... some distance away from Black River. She was a similar age to your Henry Weller, but I have been unable to fit her into your family tree. She was perhaps descended from, or married to, a much earlier Weller who emigrated to Jamaica. Henry may never have known her.

For your interest, I found a record which shows that in 1788, the year Henry was born, the population of Port Elizabeth, in Jamaica was as follows: 700 White Men, Women, and Children, 2000 Free People of Colour, and 12,800 Slaves ......... giving a population total of 15,500.


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