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Died: 1977
= Married  =
at: USA
Harold Ralph WELLER
Father: Rupert Charles WELLER
Mother: Julia BIRCH
Born: 1916-12-26
Died: 2002-12-06 (aged 85 years)
Buried: Victoria, B.C

Further information for Olga HANDJIEVA.

Birth place: Bulgaria
Profession: Stunt pilot and sky writer. Model.
Domiciles: USA; Michigan, New York.


[Julia Weller] Growing up in Bulgaria, she had dreamed of becoming a pilot, a career choice not open to girls in Bulgaria, particularly not a girl whose father was the Supreme Court Justice.  She came to America, land of her idol Amelia Earhart, and obtained her pilotís license.  For a while she flew for the Curtiss Wright Flying Service in Michigan, saving her money to buy her own plane.  With another woman pilot, she was able to buy a second-hand Waco, a bi-plane.  She became a stunt pilot and sky writer, trailing words of smoke behind her as she looped-the-loop.  But the cost of upkeep became too much and she eventually had to sell her share.  She moved to New York, began working in a department store and became a model. In 1977, Olga was diagnosed with lung cancer and died. [Julia Weller]

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