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Fanny (Hana) WELLER
Father: Edward WELLER
Mother: Paparu
Born: 1834
Died: 1907 (aged 73 years)
Buried: Glenary
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Further information for Fanny WELLER.

Birth place: Otago, NZ
Domiciles: Otago, New Zealand.


Daughter of Edward and his first wife Paparu, who died in childbirth when Fanny was three. She went with her father to New South Wales when the whaling station at Otago closed, but was homesick and returned to live with her relatives in New Zealand, being known by the Maori version of her name, "Hana". She was also known by the Maori name of Paniwera.

[From:Rachel Wesley. 2004-04-23]
My name is Rachel Wesley, and I stumbled upon your site while playing around on the net. I`m a descendent of Edward Weller through his first marriage at Otakou, New Zealand, to Paparu and their daughter, Fanny.
My branch of the family still live at Otakou, and have often wondered about our Weller relations in Britain and Australia, so it was really great to find the Weller Family History site and find out a bit of the history in the family.
I would like to add another bit that comes from my family if I may, and that`s just that after Edward returned to Sydney from New Zealand, he sent for Fanny to come live with him. However, after reaching Sydney and staying with her father for a few months, she became dreadfully homesick. Edward, fearing for her life, sent her back home to Otakou.
The descendents of Edward from his marriages to firstly Paparu (daughter of paramount chief Tahatu) and Nikuru secondly would number in the hundreds, with both the names Edward and Weller still being handed down the generations, either in their English form, or the Maori version of Eru or Wera.

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