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Lieut. Robert JOHNSTON
Father: George JOHNSTON
Born: 1792-03-09
Died: 1882 (aged 89 years)
= Married  =
on: 1831-07-30
Frances WELLER
Father: Joseph WELLER
Mother: Mary BROOKS
Born: 1811-12-23
Died: 1896-06-23 (aged 84 years)
Buried: Sydney
Children:   |
George Horatio
Born: 1833
Died: 1904-12-20
Robert Percy
Born: 1836
Died: 1896-10-26
Born: 1838
Died: 1884-03-03
Born: 1839
Died: 1913-01-22
Penelope Brooks
Born: 1842
Died: 1933
Born: 1845
Died: 1926-03-25
Fanny Gordon
Born: 1846
Died: 1909
Bruce David
Born: 1848
Died: 1886-04-15
Edward Charles
Born: 1850-11-28
Died: 1913-01-25

Further information for Robert JOHNSTON.


Son of Colonel George Johnston who took a leading part in the Rum Rebellion that deposed NSW Governor Bligh.

Marriage recorded in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Whaling Wellers of Sydney and Otago.

From the Mitchell Library, Sydney, Australia.

Title : Johnston family - Papers, 1792-c.1947
Creator : Johnston Family
Type of Material : Manuscripts
Ask for : Original : MLMSS 3108
Physical Description : Collection comprises - 1 v., 2 boxes, 1 portfolio

Admin / Biog Notes : Lieutenant-Colonel George Johnston, 1764-1823, came to New South Wales with the First Fleet in 1788. He became a landholder at Annandale and Bankstown, N.S.W. His children included Robert, 1792-1822, who became a Commander in the Royal Navy, and Blanche, who married George Edward Nicholas Weston, of Horsley, N.S.W. Robert married Fanny Weller, 1811-1896, of Maitland, and inherited Annandale. One of his sons was George Horatio Johnston, 1833-1904

Contents : The papers of George Johnston include photocopies of correspondence, c.1809-1821, annotated probably by D. Hope Johnston; Copies of land deeds(6), 1792-1800, including grants of Annandale, 1793, Bankstown, 1798, and grant to W. Strong, 1800; Notebook of instruction for the overseer of Annandale estate, 1822; `Arrest of Governor Bligh. January 26, 1808- Copy of the original Manuscript Documents`; and Legal agreement between the family re his estate, 1842. The papers of Robert Johnston, 1802-1882, include correspondence, legal and financial documents. The papers of Fanny Johnston, 1831-1896, include correspondence, genealogical notes and Legal agreements (2), with G. H. Johnston, 1872-1893. The papers of George Horatio Johnston, 1877-1902, include letters received, receipts re Annandale estate, and Legal agreement with G. R. Johnston, 1890. Miscellaneous papers consist of a Legal agreement between Blanche Weston and G. R. Johnston, 1889; Incidental papers, including list of birth dates of Mrs F. Johnston`s children, and letter to C. M. Johnston, 1935; and newscuttings, 1876-c.1947

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