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Edith Margaret WELLER
Father: Edward WELLER
Mother: Edith Emma AYLWARD
Born: 1875-12-04
Died: 1953-11-29 (aged 77 years)
Buried: Her Spiritualist Healing Home in Hastings.

Further information for Edith Margaret WELLER.

Domiciles: Aberdovey then Hastings.


Born December 4. 1875. At school; Brighton High School for Girls. After the home at Bedford broke up she was ever ready to extend a helping hand to any member of the family who needed assistance. To the Michells she became a second mother; during their mothers illness she devoted herself to caring for them. She lived for several years at Aberdovey then went to Hastings. There she became interested in spiritualism and was an enthusiastic supporter of the local Spiritualist Church. She received a legacy from some friend. This she used for the purchase of a Spiritualist Healing Home. She herself now suffers from a very painful type of arthritis and is cared for in the home she had purchased at Hastings. She died in Hastings Nov 29. 1953 aged 77.

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