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Arthur Wilfred Ernest WELLER
Father: John WELLER
Mother: Clara Rosamond KIDD
Born: 1911
Died: 1992-03-08 (aged 81 years)
Buried: Lockington, Victoria Australia.
= Married  =
on: 1932-06-01
at: Rochester, Victoria, Australia
Mary Ellen Davina SCOTT
Born: 1913-10-30
Died: 1999-05-21 (aged 85 years)
Children:   |

David John
Born: 1934-12-20
Died: 1988-02-04

Further information for Arthur Wilfred Ernest WELLER.

Birth place: Epping, Victoria, Australia
Profession: Farmer
Domiciles: Lockington


Arthur Wilfred Ernest Weller was born 1911 in Epping,

Married Mary Ellen Davina Scott on 1st June 1932 in Rochester.

Mary was the daughter of David Archibald Scott and Euphemia Fraser.

David Scott, Arthur Weller, Mary Weller nee Scott
Arthur died 8th March 1992 in Lockington, Victoria Australia. His ashes are place on the family farm with those of his wife Mary.

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