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Evelyne WELLER
Father: Jonathan WELLER
Mother: Mary MAYNARD
Born: 1877-11-13
= Married  =
Francis CLARK
Born: 1868-07-22
Died: 1920 (aged 51 years)

Further information for Evelyne WELLER.

Birth place: Berrick Salome, Oxfordshire, England.
Domiciles: Dulwich, London, England


[Jerry Bell]
We have her marriage certificate and that spells her name as Evelyne.
I attach a photo of the family at their home in Dulwich. My mother, Kathleen Clark, is the baby in the photo. The others in the photo are; John (in Frank's arms), Kathleen in Evelyne's arms, Gladys (standing).

Francis Clarke worked at the Post Office.

Evelyne Weller and Francis (Frank) Clark had six children:

Gladys (standing)
John (in Frank's arms), who also emigrated to Australia
Kathleen (Kay) my mother
Robert (Bob)
Joan (Peter Slocombe's mother, and you may have corresponded with Peter)
Margaret (Peggy)

Frank died in 1920, to leave her to bring up all six on her own, and I understand it was very tough yet they all did reasonably well.

There was some talk that she ran a boarding house in Worthing for a while, and certainly my parents were married in Worthing, but I also understand the venture was not too successful.

When I knew her, she was living in Hullavington Wiltshire in a cottage owned by Bob, and suffering terribly from shingles, but she died when I was still quite small.

[/Jerry Bell]

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