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Father: John WELLER
Mother: Katherine FOWLER
Born: 1794-01-04
Baptised: 1794-01-31
Died: 1862-04-14 (aged 68 years)
Buried: Tixover
= Married  =
on: 1846-08-17
at: Barrington, Cambs

Further information for John WELLER.

Profession: Clergyman
Domiciles: Cambridge & N Luffenham


The Rev John Weller decreed that he was to be buried in the churchyard of the neighbouring parish of Tixover and not in his own parish of North Luffenham.  He had prepared his own epitaph - in Latin, so presumably not intended to be understood by the local villagers.  The translation is:

Here lies John Weller S.T.P., at one time a fellow of Emmanuel College in Cambridge, from where, having left under a bad omen, he was appointed rector of the church of North Luffenham - truly a hard and thankless office, which at the least having caused him to feel utter disgust in the greatest part, he preferred his bones to be laid to rest in this alien ground.  He died on the 9th day of April AD 1862 in the 69th year of his age.


S.T.P. = Sanctae Theologiae Professor.

In his will he appointed his widow Ann as executrix.  He bequeathed

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