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George Girdwood CHANNER
Father: George CHANNER
Mother: Mary WELLER
Born: 1811-03-16
Died: 1895 (aged 83 years)
Buried: Perivale, Middlesex, England.

Further information for George Girdwood CHANNER.

Profession: Colonel in the East India Company, Bengal Artillery.


George Girdwood CHANNER was a Colonel in the East India Company and married Susan KENDALL in 1838. George Girdwood and Susan had 9 children.

General George Nicolas CHANNER VC, born in Allahabad, India in 1843 and died 1905, son of George and Susan, was awarded the Victoria Cross when as a 32-year-old Captain in the Bengal Staff Corps, Indian Army, he jumped into and annihilated a formidable enemy stockade which it was impossible to destroy with artillery because of the denseness of the jungle and the steepness of the terrain. He rose to the rank of General and was appointed CB (Companion of the Order of the Bath.)

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