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William (Billy) WELLER
Father: Charles WELLER
Mother: Janet Alison COCKBURN
Born: 1880-11-13
Baptised: 1882-01-13
Died: 1956-10-30 (aged 75 years)
Buried: Montreal
= Married  =
on: 1902
Beatrice HARTE
Born: 1884-09-29
Children:   |
Mary Janet Alison
Born: 1903-02-09
Baptised: 1915-02-01
Died: 1974
Born: 1904-04-01
Born: 1904-09-01
Born: 1907-09-01
Born: 1909-07-01
George Thomas
Born: 1927-06-24
Died: 1999-12-17

Further information for William WELLER.

Birth place: Montreal
Profession: accountant / clerk / boxer
Domiciles: Montreal


Known as `Whirlwind` because of his boxing technique. His granddaughter Joan remembers him walking up and down stairs on his hands and doing back flips when he was about 60.

His obituary in the Montreal Star, 31 Oct 1956, The Passing SportShow column by Baz O'Meara:

Billy Weller, who held the Canadian lightweight championship years ago, died yesterday. He fought 153 fights and was only beaten twice. He was a real good fighter in the days of long distance bouts.

The inscription on the back of the picture reads 'Billy Weller. Professional lightweight champion 1908 = of Canada.'.

From: The Globe, Toronto, Wednesday, November 8, 1911.


Another claimant to the Flanagan belt has turned up in Billy Weller of Montreal. Weller claims to have won the title from the late Mike Ward of Serula, and although he has fought many battles since he says that he has never been beaten. Flanagan has informed him that his claims will not be recognised and that if he wants the belt the only way to get it is to challenge the winner of the Billy Allen-Patsy Droutilard bout here tomorrow night at the Lyric Theatre. Each member of the National Sporting Club will be his own referee as usual. Members are asked to mark their cards plainly as ownership of the Canadian lightweight chamopinship depends on their decision and that of the sporting writers chosen for the purpose.

[From: Peter M. Slocombe]

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