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Rebecca WELLER
Father: John WELLER
Mother: Rebecca WHITE
Born: 1830
Died: 1900-12-21 (aged 70 years)
Buried: Kangaroo Ground, Victoria, Australia.
= Married  =
on: 1851
Born: 1830
Baptised: 1833-09-22
Died: 1919-08-21 (aged 89 years)
Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery, Victoria, Australia
Children:   |
Born: 1853-05-26
Died: 1898-04-03
Born: 1856-03-14
Baptised: 1856
Died: 1934
Born: 1858
Died: 1865-08-09
Born: 1860
Died: 1886-06-08
Keren Happuch Kezia Jemmi Alex
Born: 1864
Died: 1937

Further information for Rebecca WELLER.

Birth place: High Wycombe, England.
Domiciles: Buckinghamshire, England. Kangaroo Ground, Australia.


Rebecca Weller was noted as being about 20 years of age when she arrived in Melbourne. Her employer on disembarking was Mr John Dixon (misspelt should have been Dickson) of Gulf Station. She later married Henry Scarce a young man from Suffolk, England. They were married in 1851.

Information from Noel P Boyle suggests slight differences;
Rebecca Weller born 1829 in High Wycombe married 1852 to Henry Scarce died 21 Aug 1919.

Rebecca Scarce died 21st December 1900, she is buried at Kangaroo Ground Cemetery, burial number 219. Her burial took place on the 23 December 1900.

In Memory of Rebecca beloved wife of Henry Scarce.
Who died at Kangaroo Ground. 21st Dec 1900.
"Occupy till I Come"

From The Evelyn Observer newspaper Friday 28th Dec 1900
Scarce:- On 21st December at her residence Kangaroo Ground Rebecca beloved wife of Henry Scarce Sen. Aged 71 years.

Updated by R Haines with assistance Kangaroo Ground Cemetery Trust.

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