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Francis (Little Fra) SCARCE
Father: Henry SCARCE
Mother: Rebecca WELLER
Born: 1858
Died: 1865-08-09 (aged 7 years)
Buried: Kangaroo Ground Cemetery

Further information for Francis SCARCE.

Birth place: Kangaroo Ground,Victoria, Australia


Francis Scarce: born 1858 at Kangaroo Ground. Vic B.D.M reg no. 6278.
Franis was 7 years when he died in 1865.Vic B.D.M reg no.6764
An inquest was held into his death. The inquest number 747
Cause: Accident drowned
Francis is said to have fallen into a water whole trying to gather water. His brother ran to get help. His mother Rebecca was the one who pulled Francis out of the water. Sadly she was it was too late to save him.
He was buried at Kangaroo Ground Cemetery on 12th August 1865. Burial number 61.

On Burial index Francis is stated to be buried with his brother William Scarce and First Cousin William Scarce (son of Henry`s brother Thomas Scarce).Section: Episcopalian E.
Information take from the statements given during inquest. Supplied by R Haines

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