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Rev. Adolphus Frederick AYLWARD
Born: 1821
Died: 1871 (aged 50 years)
Children:   |
Died: 1862
Gertrude Mary
Edith Emma
Born: 1851
Died: 1929-12-17

Further information for Adolphus Frederick AYLWARD.


[From Neil Rees 13-2-09]

The founder of Christ Church, Waterside.

Rev A.F. Aylward (1821-1871)

Rev Adolphus Frederick Aylward was born in Droxford, Hampshire in 1821(1), the 7th child of a family of 10 children.
He studied at St Edmund Hall, Oxford and graduated in 1845.

In 1844 he married Julia Morton, daughter of a doctor. She was then governess to the children of the Hon. Granville Dudley Ryder of Bovingdon, Hertfordshire.


Vicar of Chesham Rev Aylward was appointed vicar of Chesham in 1847 aged 26 years old. He lived at the Vicarage in Church Street where his three children Julia, Getrude Mary and Edith Emma were all born(2).

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