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Henry Leonard (Hal) TAYLOR
Father: Mr. TAYLOR
Born: 1912-10-25
Died: 1975-05-31 (aged 62 years)
Buried: Christchurch Cemetery, Jumpers Road Christchurch.
= Married  =
Maud Emily SALLOWS
Father: Alfred SALLOWS
Mother: Alice Maud GILDERSLEVE
Born: 1911
Died: 1968-11-24 (aged 57 years)
Buried: Christchurch Cemetery, Jumpers Road Christchurch.
Children:   |
Sylvia Patricia
Born: 1935-10-27
Died: 2011-10-03

Further information for Henry Leonard TAYLOR.

Birth place: Ponders End, Essex.
Profession: Hairdresser
Domiciles: South Chingford. Biggin Hill. Mudeford and Ferndown, Dorset, England.


Hal was my grandfather. I only knew him until I was 13. He was a happy, friendly man and I loved him even though he poked fun at me (in a playful way).

Soon after leaving school he trained as a hairdresser and later opened his own hairdressing shop in Edmonton, London. He employed Stan Waller and they became lifelong friends.

Maude Emily Sallows was friends with Violet Taylor and then met her brother Hal at a tennis party. Maude and Hal loved to cycle together. They would often cycle down Leith Hill (near Dorking, Surrey) and sometimes take their bicycles on a train to go further. They moved into a house called "Dunoon" in Biggin Hill on "voting day" (I am not sure of the significanse of this?). Later they moved to a new house in Ashford.

The war took him to India for 3 years.

Back in England he and his wife, Maud and daughter, Sylvia (Pat) moved house a few times. In Biggin Hill Pat met Barrie Weller, fell in love and married.

Hal and Maud moved to Mudeford where Hal bought a cabin cruiser to sail on Christchurch harbour. Me and my sister Alison spent many a happy summer holiday playing in and around the harbour.

After Maud died Hal sold his house (2 Coastguards Way, Mudeford) and rented another in the same road (11 Coastguards Way, Mudeford). I understood that he could not bear the memories attached to the house where he and Maud had lived.

Later on, after a planned café business had fallen through, he moved to 46 Coppice Avenue, Ameysford Road, Ferndown, Dorset.

Hal died in hospital following bowel surgery.

Malcolm Weller (grandson).

In loving memory of a dear wife and mother.
Maude Emily Taylor died 24th Nov. 1968 aged 57.
Nature whispers of spring tomorrow,
and mankind welcomes a day so brave.
M. E. Taylor.
Henry Leonard Taylor
Died 31st May 1975 aged 63.
A greatly loved husband, father and grandfather.
A valued friend to many.

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