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Alice Evelyn Sybil (Lalla) LEE
Born: 1905-03-16
Died: 1975-06-01 (aged 70 years)
= Married  =
on: 1926-03-16
Maurice Adams WELLER
Father: Stephen WELLER
Mother: Emma Jane ADAMS
Born: 1904-08-04
Died: 1972-12-23 (aged 68 years)
Buried: Died: Meadow View, Hightae, Lokerbie.
Children:   |
Born: 19xx
M B.
Born: 19xx
Born: 1937-06-04
Died: 2006-06-12
Born: 19xx

Further information for Alice Evelyn Sybil LEE.


MW: From SPW's old diary; Maurice and Lalla once lived at; 212 Cromwell Road, Peterborough, Northants. After Maurice had died, Lalla moved to; near Meadow View, Hightae, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire DG11 1JT

From a newspaper cutting....

Rose girl Lalla steals hearts

How many visitors to Chesterfield s Queen`s Park have noticed the sculpture of a little girl, tucked away in the shade of a tree overlooking the cricket pitch, and wondered about the story behind the statue?
Probably, for those who do not know the tale here is the story of Lalla Lee.


It was February, 1909, that the park received its famous statue "The sculpted figure of a girl" was offered to the Borough Parks Committee. The statue. known as "the girl with the stolen rose" was sculpted by Herbert Lee to depict his daughter Lalla. The family lived on Pevenl Road, Chesterfield, which was then known as Dark Lane.

Lalla, the youngest child, helped her mother to gather flowers in the garden. and on one occasion stole a rose, hiding it behind her back. It was in this pose that her father sculpted the statue, which was optionaly situated in the Lee family`s own garden, where it attracted the interest of passengers on the trams that passed the house.


Herbert Lee eventually presented the statue to the Park in order to avoid offending two of his friends, both of whom wanted to obtain it from him. Situated near the cricket ground, it remains a source of interest to the Park`s visitors. Sadly Lalla herself was killed in an accident many years later, while visiting her brother in Chesterfield Hospital.

StatueOfAliceLee.jpg (8424 bytes)

[Dianna Bell](2007) The statue now stands in the refurbished greenhouse where Prince Edward unveiled the statue in its new home. [Dianna Bell]

Herbert&JuliaLee@~1900.jpg (10584 bytes)

Alice`s parents, Herbert and Julie Elizabeth Lee. Taken about 1900

AliceEvelynSybilLee1.jpg (9056 bytes) AliceEvelynSybilLee2.jpg (2735 bytes)

AliceEvelynSybilLee3.jpg (3827 bytes)

Lalla&Laurie&FrankLee.jpg (8786 bytes)

Lalla and her brothers Laurie and Frank


AliceWeller@1924.jpg (7973 bytes)

AliceWeller@1944.jpg (4328 bytes)

Alice Weller 1944

MauriceWeller@1944.jpg (5611 bytes)
Maurice Weller 1944
FredLucas@~189x.jpg (8349 bytes)
Julia`s father, Frederick Ford.
Alice neeLucas@~189x.jpg (6823 bytes)
Julia`s mother, Alice nee Lucas

From Dianna.

For more information re: the statue of our Mum/Gran/Aunt contact Chesterield Borough Council, Recreation and Leisure Department, to ask for a copy of their leaflet on the Statue in Queen`s Park; which while not being accurate as to the date when it was presented to Queen`s Park - the time mentioned is probably when Aunty Nellie had discovered it in the garden of one of the Councillors and demanded its return! is none the less interesting and complements the publication Queen`s Park - The First Sixty Years: which seems to be from Derbyshire Library Service. Both were sent to me, together, free of charge, from the R & L Dept mentioned above.

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