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Colonel John Eric (Sam) WELLER
Father: Richard Dudley WELLER
Mother: Jessie Edith SNELL
Born: 1918-06-24
Died: 2005-01-07 (aged 86 years)
= Married  =
on: 1951-04-01

Further information for John Eric WELLER.

Birth place: Selston.
Profession: Colonel RE
Domiciles: Bradninch, Devon


John Eric (known as Eric or 'Sam) was born at Selston, Nottinghamshire on June 24th 1918. Educated at Blackley: a scholar of Hailebury, Woolwich and Jesus College Cambridge. Commissioned in Royal Engineers 1938. Egypt 1939. Tobruk (mentioned in despatches), Palestine, Syria. War Office. Normandy as Major on D.Day, through France and Belgium. Military Cross. Staff College 1947. Staff Major H.Q. Rhine Army 1948. Married April 1951 to Barbara Campbell. Age 33.

Eric died in January 2005.

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