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Father: Edward WELLER
Mother: Mary BAND
Born: 1862-12-20
Died: 1949 (aged 86 years)
Buried: Yarra Glen, Victoria
= Married  =
on: 1885-09-10
at: Kangaroo ground, Victoria, Australia
Thomas BELL
Died: 1919
Children:   |
Janet Mary
Born: 1886
Died: 1960
Born: 1888
Died: 1911-07-12
John Edward Thomas
Born: 1891
Died: 1955

Further information for Mary WELLER.

Birth place: Queenstown/ St Andrews. Victoria, Australia.


Mary Weller was born on 20th Dec 1862, she was the first child born to Edward and Mary Weller. Shortly after Mary's birth her maternal grandfather David Band died at Queenstown on the 30th Dec 1862. Mary was to marry Thomas Bell a 33 year old farmer from Kangaroo Ground. Their wedding to place on the 10th Sept 1885 according to the rite of the Presbyterian Church.  Mary was 22 years of age at this time, her cousin Catherine Knell and a John Bell signed as the witness on this day.

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