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Carlen Lacey (Carl) WELLER
Father: George WELLER
Mother: Blanche Heath MASTERMAN
Born: 1875
Died: 1965 (aged 90 years)
= Married  =
on: 1918-04-10
at: Chapel Royal, Westminster, London, England
Gwendoline Blanche FORWOOD
Born: 1885-08-24
Died: 1951-05-15 (aged 65 years)

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From Alumni Cantabrigienses:

WELLER, Carlen Lacey.  Trinity Hall, Camb. Mich[aelmas] 1897.  Sometime in British North Borneo.  Engineer with British Central African Railway. Surveyed for the Benguela Railway in Portuguese West Africa/  In Brazil 1933.

[Alister Rayner] Carlen Lacey Weller (Carl) was an excellent figure skater, and my mother can remember him even in his eigties out-skating everyone on Amersham Pond - he also skied into his eighties. He married Gwen Forward. [Alister Rayner]

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