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Jonathan WELLER
Father: Thomas WELLER
Mother: Sophia COOPER
Born: 1842-06-20
Baptised: 1842-12-20
Died: 1888-04-30 (aged 45 years)
= Married  =
Born: 1843-02-01
Children:   |
Born: 1860
Born: 1861-08-22
Thomas Jonathan
Born: 1863-05-19
Sarah Minnie
Born: 1864-10-27
Albert M.
Born: 1866-06-16
William Cooper
Born: 1868-03-18
Joseph Maynard
Born: 1869-12-03
Sophia Margaret
Born: 1870-12-26
Died: 1931
Born: 1872-11-17
Florence Bessie
Born: 1874-07-21
George Ernest
Born: 1875-11-21
Arthur Stanley
Born: 1876-12-04
Born: 1877-11-13
Born: 1879-04-13
Born: 1880
Newton Octavius
Born: 1882-11-20
Born: 1884-08-02

Further information for Jonathan WELLER.

Birth place: Roke farm, Roke, Oxfordshire, England
Domiciles: Berrick Salome, Oxfordshire, England


Berkshire Chronicle 9-April-1870, Belcher boy accident
A painful and fatal accident occurred at Berrick, Oxon, on the evening or Tuesday last, to Benjamin Brookhouse, aged about eleven, eldest son of Mr. B. E. B. Belcher, Ivy House Farm. It appears the steam thrashing machine of Mr. J[Jonathan]. Weller had been at work on the farm, and was just leaving off work for the day, when the lad, who was on the machine for the object of killing mice, got his foot entangled in the drum of the machine, by which his leg was drawn in and fearfully mangled to above the knee. Dr. Harris was speedily on the spot, but advised his immediate removal to the Oxford Infirmary, and accompanied him thither, but the poor little fellow died in two hours after his arrival from the shock to the system. An inquest was held on the following day when a verdict of "Accidental death" was returned.

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