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Father: William WELLER
Mother: Sarah LACEY
Born: 1783-09-05
Baptised: 1783-10-04
Died: 1860-11-14 (aged 77 years)
Buried: St. Mary`s, Amersham, England.
= Married  =
on: 1807-07-16
at: Amersham Parish Church
Father: James CHANNER
Mother: Frances DODD
Born: 1779-04-14
Died: 1830-11-28 (aged 51 years)
Buried: Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England.
Children:   |
Mary Elisabeth
Born: 1808-04-21
George Girdwood
Born: 1811-03-16
Died: 1895
Alfred Taylor
Born: 1814-12-11
Clara Ann
Born: 1816-08-22
Died: 1874
Born: 1819-01-20
Died: 1819
Sarah Weller
Born: 1821-11-14
Alexander Cruikshank
Born: 1823-07-31
Born: 1825-07-22
Frederick Lacey
Born: 1828-03-31
Died: 1828

Further information for Mary WELLER.

Birth place: Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England.


One of Mary and George CHANNER`s sons was a Colonel in the East India Company, while one of their daughters, Clara Ann CHANNER (born 1817 in Sutton, Middlesex, died 1874) married a General Robert SHORTREDE in 1844. They had children: Robert born 1845 Allahabad, India; George born 1849, London, England. Another daughter married a distinguished Anglican clergyman, Canon Frederick CORFIELD. (While I'm about it I cannot resist mentioning that a grandson, General George CHANNER, was awarded the Victoria Cross and was a CBE, i.e., Commander of the British Empire!)

George CHANNER lived at Black River for a while. He was from Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire at the time of his marriage in 1807 to Henry`s sister Mary (1783-1860). They later returned to Buckinghamshire, for he was buried at Amersham following his death on 28 Nov 1830.

Monumental inscription
Churchyard of St. Mary's, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England.

John Lacey WELLER, son of William and Sarah Weller, departed 5th April 1823, aged 33.

Henry WELLER, eldest son of William and Sarah Weller died at Black River, Jamaica, 25th March 1815 aged 27.

James, son of William and Sarah WELLER ? 1819 aged 26.

Benjamin, youngest son of William and Sarah WELLER ? February 1820 in his 18th year.

Ann, wife of William Hill PEERS and daughter of the above William WELLER who died at Coventry ? September 1829 aged 43 and buried in St Mark's churchyard of that city.

Charles Richard, son of the above [William WELLER] who died in Threadneedle Street [London] ?1830.

Mary, daughter of William and Sarah WELLER and widow of George CHANNER, died at St John's Wood, November 14th 1860 aged 77.


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