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Teiwi Herehere Merekihere ERIHANA
Father: Daniel ELLISON
Mother: Hana Nani WELLER
Born: 1880-04-17
Died: 1943-02-06 (aged 62 years)
Buried: Otago

Further information for Teiwi Herehere Merekihere ERIHANA.

Birth place: Otago
Domiciles: Otago


Full name Teiwi Herehere Merekihereka Hape Ellison, known as Davy. Attended Te Aute Maori Boys College in Hawkes Bay. Played rugby for the Peninsula and Alhambra clubs and in inter marae tournaments. Rowed in an Otago Rowing Club four that won the Edmond Cup in Bluff Harbour. Also bred, trained and raced horses. Farmed 330 acres at Pipikaretu and his mother`s land, but also worked for Government Survey Dept and as a road contractor. Married Olivia, dau of Timoti and Hariata Karetai of Otakou, and granddau of Chief Karetai who signed the Treaty of Waitangi. They had a large family. Died following a farm accident aged 62.

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