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Maud Emily SALLOWS
Father: Alfred SALLOWS
Mother: Alice Maud GILDERSLEVE
Born: 1911
Died: 1968-11-24 (aged 57 years)
Buried: Christchurch Cemetery, Jumpers Road Christchurch.
= Married  =
Henry Leonard TAYLOR
Father: Mr. TAYLOR
Born: 1912-10-25
Died: 1975-05-31 (aged 62 years)
Buried: Christchurch Cemetery, Jumpers Road Christchurch.
Children:   |
Sylvia Patricia
Born: 1935-10-27
Died: 2011-10-03

Further information for Maud Emily SALLOWS.

Domiciles: South Chingford, England.


Maud's best friend Violet Taylor, at their workplace in Hackney, introduced her to Henry Leonard Taylor who she fell in love with and later married.

She died of bowel cancer on 24 Nov 1968.

In loving memory of a dear wife and mother.
Maude Emily Taylor died 24th Nov. 1968 aged 57.
Nature whispers of spring tomorrow,
and mankind welcomes a day so brave.
M. E. Taylor.
Henry Leonard Taylor
Died 31st May 1975 aged 63.
A greatly loved husband, father and grandfather.
A valued friend to many.

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