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Richard Baraby Finch WELLER
Father: John WELLER
Mother: Rebecca WHITE
Born: 1835
Died: 1902-12-11 (aged 67 years)
Buried: He was buried at Kangaroo Ground Cemetery on 13th Dec 1902.
= Married  =
on: 1869
at: Victoria, Australia.
Maria Louisa SHELLEY
Born: 1829
Died: 1871 (aged 42 years)
= Married (2) =
on: 1883
at: Victoira, Australia
Elizabeth FITCH

Further information for Richard Baraby Finch WELLER.

Birth place: England
Profession: Gardener
Domiciles: Queenstown, Victoria


Born at High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.

Richard Baraby Finch Weller was noted as being 14 years of age on arrival in Australia.
He married Maria Louisa Trew (Her maiden name was Shelley. She had married James Trew 1861, Richard was her second husband.) in 1869, Vic B.D.M reg no 100. Maria was from Essex; Richard was only listed as being from England.
He married Elizabeth Fitch in 1883, Vic B.D.M reg no 3329. Elizabeth was listed as being from London, Richard was listed as being from Buckinghamshire.
Richard Baraby Finch Weller died on 11th Dec 1902 aged 67,Vic B.D.M no. 14282. Richard was the son of John Weller and Rebecca White. There is no record of Richard ever having children. He was buried at Kangaroo Ground Cemetery on 13th Dec 1902. Probate number 86/252 listing him as a Gardener of Queenstown, Victoria, which was finalised on 24th March 1903.

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