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Sylvia Patricia (Pat) TAYLOR
Father: Henry Leonard TAYLOR
Mother: Maud Emily SALLOWS
Born: 1935-10-27
Died: 2011-10-03 (aged 75 years)
Buried: Herongate Woodland Cemetery, Billericay Road, Brentwood, Essex CM13 3SE. Plot: HGW H9 d5.
= Married  =
on: 1955-08-01
at: St. Mark's church in the parish of Biggin Hill in the county of Kent.
Father: Maurice Adams WELLER
Mother: Alice Evelyn Sybil LEE
Born: 19xx
Children:   |
Michael Guy
Born: 1958-03-29
Died: 1958-03-30
A G.
Born: 19xx
M D.
Born: 19xx

Further information for Sylvia Patricia TAYLOR.

Birth place: 114 Burnham Road, South Chingford, Essex, England.
Profession: Mother
Domiciles: Biggin Hill, Sussex. New Southgate, London, England.


Pat was an only child. She stayed with cousins (Sheila & Marion) at Potten End in 1936 during the war. She had other relations in Birkhamstead and Gidea Park.

Pat is the child in this photo.

From left to right;
Alice Maud Gildersleve, Sylvia Patricia Taylor, Maud Emily Sallows, Emily Gildersleve

Pat is the child in this photo.

From left to right;
Alfred Sallows, Sylvia Patricia Taylor, Emily Gildersleve, Maud Emily Sallows

Pat and Barrie were divorced on 5-Feb-1985.

I found the following poem written in my mother's hand. It is not signed.
I have searched (Google) for an author but found none so it is probable that it was written by Sylvia Patricia WELLER.

When autumns light is turned to frost,
we know that summer is now lost,
but will return again,
after the snow and cold have lain.

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