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William SCARCE
Father: Henry SCARCE
Mother: Rebecca WELLER
Born: 1860
Died: 1886-06-08 (aged 26 years)
Buried: Kangaroo Ground Cemetery.

Further information for William SCARCE.

Birth place: Kangaroo Ground, Victoria,Australia
Profession: Printer


William Scarce: born 1860 at Kangaroo Ground.
Died in 1886 at Melbourne Hospital Vic B.D.M reg no. 1969. Aged 26
Inquest Reference: 678
Cause: Dray wheel over him
William was run over at the front of Wellers Hotel, Kangaroo Ground on May 24th 1886. He was rushed to Melbourne for hospital treatment, Later dying from his injuries.
Occupation: Printer
Buried at Kangaroo Ground Cemetery on 1886.

On Burial index William is stated to be buried with his brother Francis Scarce and First Cousin William Scarce (son of Henry`s brother Thomas Scarce).Section: Episcopalian E.
Supplied by R Haines

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