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Mabel Grace GAGGIN
Father: John James GAGGIN
Mother: Frances Eliza WELLER
Born: 1879
Died: 1941-12-03 (aged 62 years)
Buried: She was buried on 1941-12-04 in Lismore, NSW, Australia.

Further information for Mabel Grace GAGGIN.

Birth place: Clarence Town, NSW.


She married Strong, Samuel in 1909 in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Children of Gaggin, Mabel Grace and Strong, Samuel;

1.2.1 Daisy Edna was born on 1910-11-13 in Lismore, NSW, Australia. She died on 1967-09-13 in Burwood, NSW, Australia. She married West, Reginald Stuart in 1940 in Lismore, NSW, Australia.

1.2.2 ii. Strong, Henry Morgan. Henry Morgan was born about 1912. He died on 2005-04-01. He married Layton, Ruth Frances Yabsley in 1945 in Manly, NSW.

1.2.3 iii. Strong, Arnold Robert. Arnold Robert was born about 1913. He died on 2004-09-11. He was buried in Goonellabah, NSW. He married Clarke, Gwennyth Evalyn in 1942 in Lismore, NSW, Australia.


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