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Dr. Hugh SMITH
Died: 1784
Children:   |
Died: 1804-07-28

Further information for Hugh SMITH.

Profession: Doctor and apothecary
Domiciles: Hemel Hempstead


Dr Hugh Smith of Hemel Hempstead, a very well known doctor and apothecary. In his will in 1784, Dr Smith gave his Brewhouse in Two Waters, along with Malting, Storehouse, Dwelling House, utensils and lands to his daughter Lydia Holloway, widow. He give his grandson George Holloway his pub the Red Lion. He gave the Sign of the Half Moon to one of his son-in-laws, and specified that the tenant of that pub may only stay on in his occupancy if he purchased his beer from the Brewhouse now belonging to Lydia Holloway. He gave a lot of other land to other offspring, but mostly to his son Hugh, who became an even more respected doctor in London, much published, and an alderman.

[By Alister Rayner]

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