The WELLER family tree

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NameDate of birthBirth place DomicilesProfessionDiedDied at loctionBio
W.. HAINES 20xx
Wallace Weller GAGGIN 1884 Clarence Town, NSW. 1962-05-28Lismore, NSW, Australia.
Walter WELLER 1870
W. LEES 19xx
Wilfred James NORTH 1883
William WHELER Bap:1552-07-07
William WELLER 1571-01-13
William WELLER 1585-10-10 1648
William HUNT 1804
William WELLER 1809-09-07 Black River, Parish 1846 Yes
William WELLER 1833-05-20 Black River, Parish Yes
William WELLER Bap:1637-08-14
William WELLER 1649-06-18
William WELLER 1656-01-03
William WELLER Bap:1727-11-05 NewingtonHigh Wycombe & Amersham Maltster in High Wyc 1802-03-31St Mary`s, Amersham, England. Yes
William WELLER 1758-11-01
William SCARCE 1860 Kangaroo Ground, Vic Printer 1886-06-08Kangaroo Ground Cemetery. Yes
William RANDALL 1844 1920
William WELLER 1764 Amersham Brewer. 1843-05-02St. Mary`s, Amersham, England. Yes
William WELLER 1809-07-07 Yes
William HORD
William CHILD
William WELLER 1797 Amersham Brewer. 1859-09-08St. Mary's, Amersham, England. Yes
William WELLER 1840 Amersham Sleeping Partner In 1908-01-09St. Mary's, Amersham, England. Yes
William THOW
William WELLER 1904-09-01 Montreal
William WELLER 1818 Wycombe MarshPrinces Risborough. They moved Cabinet maker 1873Watford
William WELLER High Wycombe
William WELLER 1880-11-13 MontrealMontreal accountant / clerk / 1956-10-30Montreal Yes
William Bancroft WELLER 1870 Parish of St. Elizab Yes
William Bancroft WELLER 1901-03-19 Parish of St. Elizab Yes
W B. WELLER 20xx
William Cooper WELLER 1868-03-18 Yes
William David WELLER 1896-08-18 1968-12-09Auckland, New Zealand
William Henry HALL
William Henry PEERS Coventry 1839
William James WEST 1895-10-14 Chesterfield or Sheffield
William John WELLER 1866
William John SADLIER 1877 Maidstone, Victoria
William Richard WELLER 1916-11-03 Selston. 1938-10-20Killed in action, Jerusalem Yes
William Stephen WELLER 1872 High WycombeDover. Bristol. Carpenter, Orderly. 1918-07-21Wool, Dorset. Yes
William Strange WELLER 1851-02-09 Princes Risborough 1927-02-13Watford
Winifred BROWNE
Winifred WELLER 1886 Wycombe Reg Dist (4t Yes
Winifred F WELLER 1888 Amersham
Winnie JANES
Wyllyam WELLER 1612-09-10 Warborough

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