The WELLER family tree

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NameDate of birthBirth place DomicilesProfessionDiedDied at loctionBio
C. . HAINES 19xx
C. MCLEOD 19xx Withheld
C. MORRIS 20xx WithheldWithheld
Carlen Lacey WELLER 1875 1965 Yes
Carol LEE
Caroline BARBER
Caroline WELLER 1790 They lived in Islington in 185 Yes
Caroline LUNNON 1793 Woburn 1874-11-13Amersham Yes
Caroline CHAPPEL
Caroline PATRICKSON 1835
Caroline Bertha WELLER
C. WELLER 19xx Withheld
C A P. WRATHALL 19xx Withheld
Carolyn Florence ALLEN
C. MCLEOD 19xx WithheldWithheld Yes
C M. WELLER 19xx
Catherine Mary WELLER 1874-11-17 Amersham, BuckinghamSt. Albans. Moved to Aberdovey 1944-11-05Bury Lawn, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. England Yes
C M. FAWCETT 19xx Withheld
Cecil WELLER 1880 High Wycombe 1950
C. WELLER 19xx
Cecilia Noel BELL 1910-12-25 Wagga, N. S. W, Aust 1996-08-10Lilydale, Victoria, Australia Yes
Charles WELLER 1879-04-25 Montreal244 St. Martin Street, Montrea
Charles WELLER 1849 AmershamMontreal 1891Montreal
Charles WELLER 1867 Maitland, NSW, Austr
Charles COOPER
Charles WELLER 1850 High Wycombe House Furnisher. Emp
Charles Brion WELLER 1910-01-11 1997-05-08Plymouth Yes
Charles Henry WELLER 1880 Clarence TownMaitland 1957-06-02
Charles Peter WROTH 1929-06-02 ExeterOxford & Cambridge Professor of Enginee 1991-02-03Cambridge Yes
Charles Richard WELLER Yes
Charles Richard WELLER 1791 Amersham, Buckingham Financier in Threadn 1830London Yes
Charles Watson WELLER 1872
Charles William SCHULTZE 1813-06-18 Sydney, Otago, Wellington Manager, Director, P 1879-03-02Wellington Yes
C D. WELLER 19xx
Charlie Douglas WELLER 1913-10-13 Turakina, Wanganui, 2005-07-05Hamilton, New Zealand
Charlotte WELLER 1842 Penn, Buckinghamshir Yes
Charlotte MORRIS 1763-12-23 1845-05-21Penn churchyard. Yes
Charlotte WELLER 1795 Yes
Charlotte Caroline HUTCHINGS Yes
Charlotte Elizabeth HUDDLESTONE 1832 1897-08-01 Yes
C J. WELLER 20xx Withheld
C. LEES 20xx Withheld
C J. BENNIE 20xx Withheld
Christian John Charles DENCKER
Christina BRONS New ZealandSydney, Australia.
C. WELLER 19xx
C A. MORRIS 19xx Withheld
C C. WELLER 19xx
Christopher Harold WELLER 1879-04-18 AmershamGt. Longstone & Nottingham. UK Clergyman 1960-03-08 Yes
C J. WELLER 20xx Withheld
Clara Ann CHANNER 1816-08-22 Sutton, Middlesex, E 1874 Yes
Clara Rosamond KIDD 1882 Diamond Creek, Victo Farmer 1936-03-17Rochester, Victoria, Australia Yes
Clarence WELLER 1882 Clarence TownClarence Town 1888-01-09Wallsend Yes
C L B. WELLER 19xx Withheld Yes
C. BERTRAND 19xx Withheld Withheld
C R. MASLEN 19xx
Comely Cicel GAGGIN 1882 Clarence Town, NSW. 1896-07-24She died on 1896-07-24 in Clarence Town, NSW.
Constance, Eliza ATCHERLEY 1948Somerset
Cora Mildred WELLER 1905 Brunswick, Victoria, 1970
C A. MORRIS 20xx WithheldWithheld
Craig JOHNSTON AberdeenAberdeen
C S. DONALD 19xx Withheld
C J. GRAHAM 19xx Withheld
Cyril G R WELLER 1885 Crewkerne
Cyril Haddon WELLER 1907 1998 Yes

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