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NameDate of birthBirth place DomicilesProfessionDiedDied at loctionBio
R G. WELLER 19xx Withheld
R M A. SHEPHARD 19xx Withheld
Radulphe WHELER Bap:1548-05-16
Ralph Oswald WELLER 1910 Poultry farmer. 2003-08-12 Yes
R. PRIMROSE 19xx WithheldWithheld
Raymond PRIMROSE 1956-09-02 Fonthill Nursing HomChester-le-Street 1991-11-01Birtley Crematorium County Durham
Raymond BELCHER 1901-09-17 Yes
Rebecca WELLER 1876-06-15 Kangaroo Ground. Vic
Rebecca WELLER 1830 High Wycombe, EnglanBuckinghamshire, England. Kang 1900-12-21Kangaroo Ground, Victoria, Australia. Yes
Rebecca WHITE 1809 1846-02-16 Yes
Rebecca RANDALL 1835 Parramatta, New SoutClarence Town 1887-05-25Clarence Town. Registered by her son-in-law. Yes
R J. HERON 19xx
R. WELLER 19xx
Rhoda WELLER 1871-10-01 Kangaroo Ground. Vic 1872-12-27Kangaroo Ground. Victoria, Australia. Yes
Richard WELLER
Richard WHELER Bap:1555-09-05
Richard WELLER 1875-01-12 Kangaroo Ground. Vic Farmer 1940-10-20Kangaroo Ground Cemetery, Victoria, Australia Yes
Richard WELLER 1641-02-13
R. WELLER 19xx
R. WELLER 19xx
Richard WELLER 1771 1771
Richard WELLER 1772 1772
Richard WELLER 1777 1785
Richard WELLER 1798 AmershamMaidenhead 1854-03-21Little Marlow
Richard COLES
Richard WELLER 1844 Uxbridge, Middlesex,Wakapuaka (also recorded in so 1903-02-14Death place: 'Belvedere', Atawhai, (Wakapuaka) Nelson, New Zealand.
Burial place: Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson, NZ.
Richard Baraby Finch WELLER 1835 EnglandQueenstown, Victoria Gardener 1902-12-11He was buried at Kangaroo Ground Cemetery on 13th Dec 1902. Yes
Richard Dudley WELLER 1883-01-12 AmershamSelston & Finchampstead Clergyman 1965-04-21Finchampstead, England. Yes
Richard Howard WELLER 1867 Shaldon, Hampshire, 1936-01-08Died: Wakapuaka, New Zealand. Buried: Nelson, New Zealand. Yes
Richard Morton WELLER 1933-10-17 NottinghamYorkshire Clergyman 2012-12-31His ashes are scattered on a hill overlooking Great Longstone. Yes
R P C. WELLER 19xx
Richard Redvers WELLER 1900-02-16 New Zealand 1938-06-13Wakapuaka Cemetery Nelson, Nelson City, Nelson, New Zealand
R. SNYDER 19xx
R. HURT 19xx Withheld
Robert SALLOWS Gardener
Robert JOHNSTON 1792-03-09 1882 Yes
Robert Charles BROWN 1867-05-03 Nayland, SuffolkDiss, Norfolk, in 1901; Bexhil Doctor 1924-06-17'Dainton', Coulsdon, Surrey Yes
R E. LEE 19xx
Robert Newton WELLER 1863 High Wycombe 1880
Robert Percy JOHNSTON 1836 Sydney 1896-10-26Petersham, NSW
Robert Shackell WELLER 1812 Penn
Roberto WELLER
R. WELLER 19xx
Roberto Felipe WELLER
Roderick SHORT
Ronald Stuart JANES 1914-12-01 1987-06-13
Rosa Jane WELLER 1861 High Wycombe 1948 Yes
Rosamond LONES 1888-03-26 1921-01-07
Rosamond Louise WELLER 1912-07-26 2005-02-24
Rosena Elizabeth SADLIER 1865 St Kilda
Ross John Matapura TAMATI 1935-10-03 1935-10-03
R J M. TAMATI 19xx
Ruakirikiri Waikanae Georgina THOMPSON 1900-04-09 Waikanae, Wellington 1990-04-19Waitara Lawn Cemetery, Taranaki
Ruby WELLER 1905 Diamond Creek, VictoDiamond Creek, Thomastown, Kor 1919Rochester, Victoria, Australia Yes
R H. TAPPER 19xx Withheld
Rupert Charles WELLER 1877 Wycombe Reg Dist (1sBeaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, Butcher shop (Weller 1957UK, in a garden of remembrance. Yes
R A. CROMIE 19xx
Ruth Evelyn ADAMS 1882-09-25 1882-10-15
R M. WELLER 19xx WithheldWithheld
Ruthie JANES
R. WILKINSON LE PORT 19xx WithheldWithheld
R K. WELLER 19xx Withheld
R. PEACE 20xx

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