The WELLER family tree

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NameDate of birthBirth place DomicilesProfessionDiedDied at loctionBio
H.M KING A Draper of Chesham
H. WELLER 19xx Withheld Yes
H S. BENNIE 19xx
H A N. TAMATI 19xx
Hana Nani WELLER 1840-08-01 Otago, New Zealand. 1924-02-15Otago Yes
Hana Nikuru ERIHANA 1873-09-05 Waianakarua 1910-08-25Otakou
Hannah WELLER Bap:1730-05-17
Hannah WELLER 1763-02-04
H J. WELLER 20xx
H N. TAMATI 19xx
Hariett Elizabeth RAE Clarence Town
Harold SCARCE 1893-10-28 Kangaroo Ground, Vic 1975-10-23Corryong
Harold WELLER 1889-11-02 West Wycombe, EnglanTrail, British Columbia, Canad Smelter, Canadian Ar 1959Langley Washington cemetery. Yes
Harold JANES
Harold Norman Everard WELLER 1906-07-15 1970Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia Yes
Harold Ralph WELLER 1916-12-26 Hammersmith, London,Loudwater, Buckinghamshire, En Hotel manager. Royal 2002-12-06Victoria, B.C Yes
Harper Sally WELLER
Harrie Austin WELLER 1873 Hampshire, England 1947-03-19Masterton, New Zealand.
Harriett M WELLER 1877 Clarence TownW Maitland
Harry HART 1867-05-03 High Wycombe, EnglanLambeth, Surrey.
Harry Edmund GILL Northampton Clergyman / Schoolma 1922
Harry William SHURMUR 1876 Foreman for a firm ( 1923-05-19 Yes
Hartley KNOWLES 1989-05-29Trinity Cemetery, nr Aberdeen Beach Yes
Hazel BROADBENT 1924 Bradford, Yorkshire,Emigrated to New Zealand at 5 1981-09-22 Yes
Hazel Florence WELLER 1902 TEMPLESTOWE
H L. TAYLOR 19xx
Hector WELLER 1874 High Wycombe 1875
H M. PRIMROSE 19xx Withheld
Henare TAMATI Mururaupatu, Manutah
Henry HUNT 1797
Henry WELLER 1632-11-02 1633-11-03
Henry SCARCE 1830 Saxmundham Suffell 1919-08-21Melbourne General Cemetery, Victoria, Australia Yes
Henry HART Chairmaker Yes
Henry SCARCE 1856-03-14 Kangaroo Ground, Vic 1934
Henry RANDALL 1846
Henry WELLER 1788 Amersham, BuckinghamBlack River, Jamaica. 1815-03-25Died at Black River, Jamaica, Parish of St. Elizabeth. Yes
Henry WELLER 1847 Amersham 1860-02-12 Yes
Henry WELLER 1820 Wycombe Marsh Chairmaker
Henry James WELLER 1836-09-11 Black River, Parish
Henry Leonard TAYLOR 1912-10-25 Ponders End, Essex.South Chingford. Biggin Hill. Hairdresser 1975-05-31Christchurch Cemetery, Jumpers Road Christchurch. Yes
Henry Owen WELLER 1880-12-09 1948-09-28Kenya
Herbert LEE Chesterfield, England. Notting Master builder, scul Yes
Herbert Clifford Lindsay WELLER 1910 Kangaroo Ground, Lockington 1936-02-29Rochester Cemetery, Victoria, Australia. Yes
Herbert Underwood ADAMS 1875-08-23 Emigrated to Australia. 1954 Yes
H. WELLER 19xx
H L. WELLER 19xx
Hilda WELLER 1891 High Wycombe Yes
Hilda Emily SHURMUR 1909-10-09 1985-01-17 Yes
Hine Wharehuia ERIHANA 1871-09-05 Waikouaiti, New Zeal 1909-05-06Waikanae Yes
H C. BROAD-WELLER 20xx WithheldWithheld
Hubert WELLER 1878 High Wycombe
Hugh SMITH Hemel Hempstead Doctor and apothecar 1784 Yes
Hugh SMITH Hemel Hempstead. London. Doctor (in London, m
Hugh SMITH Yes
Hugh Alderson FAWCETT 1891
Humphrey ASTON
Hyacinth Jocelyn LEVY 1901 Black River, Jamaica Yes

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