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NameDate of birthBirth place DomicilesProfessionDiedDied at loctionBio
Mabel WELLER 1880
M E. WEST 19xx Withheld Yes
Mabel Grace GAGGIN 1879 Clarence Town, NSW. 1941-12-03She was buried on 1941-12-04 in Lismore, NSW, Australia. Yes
Mabel Ruth WELLER 1908 Kangaroo Ground, Vic 1971
M D. WELLER 19xx WithheldWithheld Withheld Yes
Malcolm Gordon Barri WELLER 1944 1980
Malcolm Robert CHANDLER 1905 Healesville, Victori 1979Lilydale, Victoria, Australia Yes
Mara ?
Margaret WHELER Bap:1549-02-16
M. LESTER 19xx
Margaret HOGG 1873 1951-12-27Wanganui New Zealand Yes
Margaret WELLER 1860 Berrick Salome, Oxfo
M. HEWES 19xx WithheldWithheld
Margaret KELLY
Margaret GOLDSCHMIDT 1892-04-17 ManchesterGt. Longstone & Nottingham 1952-04-02After the funeral service at Gedling she was interred at Upper Broughton.
M A. WELLER 19xx WithheldWithheld Withheld
Margaret Louisa WELLER 1889
Margaret Louise ADAMS 1880-12-29 1881-02-12
Margaret Taylor MCNALLY
Maria Louisa SHELLEY 1829 Essex, England.Essex, England. Kangaroo Groun 1871 Yes
M. DUENAS 19xx Withheld
M-P. DENIS 19xx Yes
M. WELLER 19xx
Marion Ethel ADAMS 1877-03-19 1924-06-14
Marion Jane LOFTUS 1933-10-29 Yes
M J. WELLER 19xx
M J. MORLAND 19xx Yes
Marjorie HUME-SPRY 1882-12-22 ReadingOxford 1966Long Handboro
Marjorie A 1886 High Wycombe, Buckin
Marjorie Lucy BEAMAN
Marjorie Olive WELLER 1910-11-02 2002-04-10
M. SHAW 19xx
M A. WELLER 19xx Withheld
M H. WELLER 19xx
Marlene Katherine COBURN
Martha WELLER 1721-05-23
Martha HALL
Martha WELLER 1780 1843
Martha WELLER 1796 1863Berrick Prior
Martha Mary RANCE 1873 Jamaica 1959Jamaica
Martha Turner FISHER Staffordshire, Engla Yes
M. SHAW 19xx
M H. WELLER 19xx
Martyn BELCHER 1867-07-11 1917-03-26St Helen Churchyard in Berrick Salome Yes
Mary BAND 1839-02-05 Dairsie, Fife, ScotlKangaroo Ground, Vic Store and Innkeeper 1919-01-29Kangaroo Ground Yes
Mary WELLER 1573-02-15
Mary WELLER 1862-12-20 Queenstown/ St Andre 1949Yarra Glen, Victoria Yes
Mary WELLER 1671-12-17
Mary HOW
Mary WELLER Bap:1711-04-23
Mary WELLER 1751-01-26
Mary GIBBONS 1803 Tipperary, IrelandIreland. Yes
Mary HART 1870 High Wycombe, EnglanLambeth, Surrey (now London).
Mary MAYNARD 1843-02-01 Wash Road, Newbury B
Mary BROOKS 1776 AylesburyNSW 1855-08-01W.Maitland
Mary WELLER 1803-11-20 Folkstone. Died in i
Mary WELLER 1861-08-22 Wallingford, Oxfords
Mary WELLER 1768 High Wycombe 1846
Mary WELLER 1789 1830-10-25Penn churchyard. Yes
Mary WELLER 1783-09-05 Amersham, Buckingham 1860-11-14St. Mary`s, Amersham, England. Yes
Mary WELLER 1846 1871-05-17 Yes
Mary FLOYD High Wycombe
Mary HOTINE 1896 Fulham, England. 1953-12-10Watford, England.
Mary PARR 1855-03-22 Yes
Mary PAGE 1841-04-281841-05-01 00:00:00
Mary WELLER 1824 Wycombe Marsh
Mary HUGHES 1850 1925 Yes
Mary WELLER 1860 High Wycombe Yes
Mary Agnes WELLER 1896 1980 Yes
Mary Ann WAGHORN 1859 Caulfield, Victoria,
Mary Ann WELLER 1832 High Wycombe, Buckin 1889 Yes
Mary Ann ADAMS 1846-09-05 1862-10-23
Mary Ann WELLER 1846 Wycombe, BuckinghamsHigh Wycombe, Chepping Wycombe Yes
Mary Barbara PANTIN 1904 1984-03-13Berrick Salome churchyard Yes
Mary Brooks WELLER 1807-08-21 Folkestone. Died in
Mary Elisabeth CHANNER 1808-04-21
Mary Ellen Davina SCOTT 1913-10-30 South Melbourne,VIc Hairdresser, Farmer 1999-05-21 Yes
Mary Florence SADLIER 1879 Maidstone, Victoria,
Mary Janet WELLER 1896 Eltham, Victoria, AuKangaroo Ground,Victoria, Aust 1897Kangaroo Ground,Victoria, Australia Yes
Mary Janet Alison WELLER 1903-02-09 Montreal 1974
Mary Julia BIRCH Yes
Mary Karaka Materoa BOYD 1899 Christchurch, New Zealand. 1973
M L. WELLER 19xx Withheld
Mary Madeline Agnes ERSKINE 1860 Paddington, London, 1937-02-19Wakapuaka, Nelson, new Zealand
M M. WELLER 19xx
Mary Parlane WELLER 1927-12-10 Gt. LongstoneOxford & Cambridge 1988-02-24Oxford
Mary Scholastica RANDALL 1838 1879
Matau Otago, New Zealand.
M. LEVMAN 20xx
M R. WELLER 19xx WithheldWithheld Withheld
Maud Ellen Lavinia WELLER 1875 Hampshire, England 1954-08-25Died: Nelson, New Zealand. Buried: Wakapuaka, New Zealand
Maud Emily SALLOWS 1911 South Chingford, England. 1968-11-24Christchurch Cemetery, Jumpers Road Christchurch. Yes
Maurice Adams WELLER 1904-08-04 Revolution House, Chesterfield Army Corporal. Post 1972-12-23Died: Meadow View, Hightae, Dumfriesshire. Cremated in Glasgow. Yes
M B. WELLER 19xx WithheldWithheld Withheld
M W. DEN DRYVER 20xx Withheld
May WELLER 1883 Wallsend, NSW 1955-01-03
Maynard WELLER
Mervyn Keith WELLER 1923-04-14 Northcote, Australia 1988-08-15
M. PEACE 19xx
Michael THOW
M. DUGUID 19xx Withheld
Michael BOTTING Berrick Salome. Isle of Man.
Michael WELLER 1819 Loudwater 1834
M. DUGUID 19xx
M D H. WELLER 19xx
M F. WELLER 19xx WithheldWithheld Withheld
Michael Guy WELLER 1958-03-29 Victoria hospital, S 1958-03-30
Michael John CALNIN Templestowe 1921Melbourne General Cemetery, Victoria, Australia. Yes
M J. WELLER 20xx
M L. GUTHRIE 19xx WithheldWithheld
Mildred WELLER 1884-08-02
Mildred Grace WITHERS 1895-11-01 Spokane WA USA 1980Seattle, WA, USA. (Langley Washington cemetery?)
Mildred Olive WELLER 1888 Canada 1962
Miller/Mira ERIHANA 1875-02-07 Otakou 1878-01-05Otakou
M. WELLER 19xx WithheldWithheld Yes
Minnie CRICHTON 1883 1963Parkdale, Victoria, Australia Yes
Minnie HART 1881 Lambeth, Surrey, EngDundee, Scotland. Manchester,
Minnie FAULKNER Kansas, USA
Minnie Belinda WAGHORN 1864 Caulfield, Victoria,
Miriam Elizabeth WAKELIN
M. TAMATI 19xx
Mollie JANES
Molly Louise GWINN
Mona Estelle THOMPSON 1915-06-10 Bombay India Bedford, England, having lived 2001-07-12Bedford, England
Monica Azile WELLER 1902-03-10 New Zealand 1990-05-11Fletts Cemetery Lower Moutere, Tasman District, Tasman, New Zealand Yes
Morris WELLER 1814 Penn
Mr. RUBEN Worked for the gas b
Mr. TAYLOR Brewers drayman Yes
Muriel A WELLER 1891
Muriel Eveline Maude WELLER 1918 Korumburra 1957 Yes
Murray DELL
Myra LEE
M. JANES 19xx
Myrtle Amanda MCNALLY 1876-09-07 New BrunswickSchenectedy, New York. 1959

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