The WELLER family tree

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NameDate of birthBirth place DomicilesProfessionDiedDied at loctionBio
a son WELLER 1830
a son NORTH 1868
Ada Elizabeth WAGHORN 1862 Caulfield, Victoria,
Ada Mary WELLER 1867
Adam WELLER 1627-11-18
A P. WELLER 19xx
Adelaide Eliza PALMER 1860
Adelaide Lauchlan MACLEAN
Adolphus Frederick AYLWARD 1821 1871 Yes
Agnes WELLER 1568-05-30
Albert BIRCH
Albert Jonathon WELLER 1893
Albert M. WELLER 1866-06-16
Alec Wadsworth WELLER 1919-02-04 1921-12-08Died in Kuala Lumpur
Alexander WELLER 1901-09-03 1987-07-16Wanganui, New Zealand
A. LEES 19xx Withheld
Alexander LEES 1935-02-23 1990-06-08Trinity Cemetary, Aberdeen
A. LEES 19xx Withheld
Alexander Cruikshank CHANNER 1823-07-31 Emigrated to America 1845 Yes
Alexander George Francis Drogo MONTAGU Kimbolton Castle 10th Duke of Manches
Alexander James GRAHAM 1928-06-04 Montreal and Vancouver Postal Worker 2002-05-09 Yes
Alexander James GRAHAM 1904 Edinburgh 1955
Alexander Sloan Baillie WELLER 1924 1987-07-16 Yes
Alexina CALEY Windsor 1934
A E G. WELLER 20xx
Alfred PARKS
Alfred SALLOWS Chief clerk at a bui Yes
Alfred Edward SHURMUR 1878 1905-11-28
Alfred James LAWREY
Alfred Taylor CHANNER 1814-12-11 Yes
Algernon JOHNSTON 1838 Sydney 1884-03-03Sydney
Alice WELLER 1569 1569
Alice WELLER 1571-05-06
Alice JEFFERIES Hurley, Berkshire
Alice WELLER 1871 Maitland, NSW, Austr Yes
Alice Amelia DRAGE 1900-09-07 Kettering
Alice Evelyn Sybil LEE 1905-03-16 1975-06-01Cremated in Chesterfield. Yes
Alice Mary WELLER 1909 1910
Alice Mary WELLER 1872 Wycombe Reg Dist (4t Yes
Alice Maud GILDERSLEVE ?Walthamstow? Yes
Alison ALLAN
Alison MCLEOD 1944-06-15 1994-10-17Newhills Cemetery just outside Aberdeen Yes
A G. WELLER 19xx WithheldWithheld Withheld
A L. WELLER 19xx Withheld
Allan Claude WELLER 1881 Amersham, England. Georgia, US 1958 Yes
Allan Thomas Ramon WRATHALL New Zealand
A. TAMATI 19xx
A R. WELLER SEDGWICK 19xx Withheld Withheld
A N. HARTMANN 19xx Withheld
A. MCLEOD 19xx Withheld
A. WELLER 19xx
A. MACKIN 19xx Withheld
Andrew WELLER High Wycombe
Andrew Aylward WELLER 1958-01-22 Melton MowbrayToronto 1983
A P. LEE 19xx Withheld
A T. WELLER 19xx Withheld
A. LASKEY 19xx
A K. WELLER 20xx Withheld
Ann WELLER 1773-11-09 1847
Ann HUNT 1812
Ann WELLER 1652-04-08
Ann WELLER 1723-03-31
Ann WELLER 1756-02-07
A. DEASON 19xx
Ann WELLER 1801 1835
Ann 1690
Ann WELLER 1792
Ann HOUSE Bap:1733 Baptised in High Wyc 1817-04-02St. Mary`s, Amersham, England. Yes
Ann WELLER 1786 1829-09-01St Mark's churchyard, Coventry. Yes
A. WELLER 19xx WithheldWithheld Yes
Ann WINGROVE Penn. High Wycombe.
Ann ADAMS 1818-03-08 West Haddon
Ann ADAMS 1836-10-16 1843-04-28
Ann WELLER High Wycombe
Ann Elizabeth ADAMS
Anne-Marie GRAHAM
Annie Connell DAVISON
Annie E TANNER 1872
Annie Hiatt ADAMS 1873-11-22 1966-04-21
Annie Jane SADLIER 1866 St Kilda, Victoria,
Annie Maude BEAVIS
Annie Meek WELLER 1820-05-07 FolkestoneSydney, Wellington 1887-08-22Wellington Yes
Anthony WELLER 1897
Anthony Keith MICHELL
Apollonia OSMOND 1841
A E. WELLER 20xx Withheld
Arthur PAGE
Arthur MCLEOD Yes
Arthur GUNN
Arthur Adrian Percy WELLER 1917-12-21 1941-12-13Khartoum
Arthur Brion WELLER 1906 1995-06-01 Yes
A D J. WELLER 19xx Withheld Yes
Arthur Ernest WAGHORN 1869 Campbell Field, Vict
Arthur Francis MICHELL 1913-02-22 St. Albans, Hertford 1990Lymington, Hampshire. England
A G J. WELLER 19xx
Arthur Julius WELLER 1884-08-17 Blackwell Hall BuckiOxford. Shewsbury. The Malay P Assistant school mas 1922-10-04Malay Peninsular Yes
Arthur Leighton Hume WELLER 1915-05-24 1953-04-23
Arthur Palmer WELLER 1905-11-14 Pembrokeshire after WW2. Ivy H Farmer and schoolmas 1982-03-04Berrick Salome churchyard Yes
Arthur Percival DUMONT
Arthur Rowlatt MORE 1992
Arthur Stanley WELLER 1876-12-04 Berrick Salome, Oxfo
Arthur Wilfred Ernest WELLER 1911 Epping, Victoria, Au Lockington Farmer 1992-03-08Lockington, Victoria Australia. Yes
Audrey MARTIN 1997

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