The WELLER family tree

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NameDate of birthBirth place DomicilesProfessionDiedDied at loctionBio
Fanny WELLER 1834 Otago, NZOtago, New Zealand. 1907Glenary Yes
Fanny SCHULTZE 1856 Wellington, NZ
Fanny Gordon JOHNSTON 1846 1909
Fanny Matilda WELLER 1838-01-03 Sydney 1900
Federico WELLER
Felipe WELLER GermanyGermany. Guatemala. Yes
Florence HART 1878 Lambeth, Surrey.
Florence RUSH 1880 London, England.Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. C 1933-06-16Brunsland Cemetery in Calgary. Yes
Florence Bessie WELLER 1874-07-21 Church of St. Bartho
Florence Mabel WELLER 1875 Wycombe. Born 3rd Q Yes
Frances DODD 1752-03-09 Chenies, Bucks., Eng Yes
Frances BUTLER 1909 1992
Frances WELLER 1811-12-23 Folkestone, England.Maitland, NSW, Australia. Clev 1896-06-23Sydney Yes
Frances Eliza WELLER 1857-01-27 Parramatta, NSW, Aus 1888-01-09She was buried on 1888-01-10 in Rookwood Cemetery, NSW. Yes
Francis SCARCE 1858 Kangaroo Ground,Vict 1865-08-09Kangaroo Ground Cemetery Yes
Francis CLARK 1868-07-22 Harwell, Wantage, BeDulwich, London, England Post Office worker 1920
Francis HART
Francis WELLER 1909-07-01 Montreal
Francis M WELLER 1886 Wallsend, NSW
Francis Rodon MICHELL
Frank LEE
Frank Edward ADAMS 1878-08-25 1954
Frank Gilbert WELLER 1887-12-02 Blackwell Hall, AmerYorkshire & Bedford, UK. Mining Engineer 1952-05-25Sudborough Northants, England.
Frank Leslie GALES Canada
Frank Leslie GALES 1894 Toronto 1991
Franklin Elizar MCNALLY
Freda SHURMUR 1909-10-09 While City, London. Newbury, B Secretary? 2000-06-19Newbury, Berkshire. Yes
Frederic WELLER 1855-05-11 AmershamCrewkerne Clergyman / Schoolma 1929-03-01 Yes
Frederic Aylward WELLER 1873-09-22 AmershamCanada, Texas, California. 1926-03-28 Yes
Frederick WELLER 1799 1853Plymouth
Frederick Basil MICHELL 1910 1974
Frederick Charles HUTSON 1904-07-10 Buckhursthill, Engla Yes
Frederick Charles Weller SCHULTZE 1859-06-10 WellingtonWellington & Sydney 1871-06-27Sydney
Frederick Edmund HUBBARD Diss Doctor 1900-11-25 Yes
Frederick Henry WELLER 1844
Frederick Henry WELLER 1865-01-26
Frederick Lacey CHANNER 1828-03-31 1828

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