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NameDate of birthBirth place DomicilesProfessionDiedDied at loctionBio
Gareth John PEACE P.C.
G W. WELLER 19xx
G. WELLER 19xx Yes
George LEE
George HUNT 1792
George ERIHANA 1876-10-18 Waikouaiti 1898-01-09Waikanae
George HOLLOWAY 1764 Yes
George SMITH Distiller of Aldersg Yes
George BROWN
George HUNT 1754 Little Missenden, Amersham, Bu 1829
George CHANNER 1779-04-14 Ivinghoe, BuckinghamGreat Winchester Street, Londo 1830-11-28Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England. Yes
George WELLER 1844 Brewer. 1929-10-23St. Mary's, Amersham, England. Yes
George WELLER 1805-12-26 AmershamSydney & West Maitland. Merchant Trader, Lan 1875-04-13East Maitland, Australia. Yes
George HOLLOWAY Two Waters, Hemel Hempstead, H Brewer 1827 Yes
George Arthur WELLER 1874 Grace's Farm, Berrick Salome, 1950 Yes
G B. WELLER 19xx Withheld Withheld
George Brion WELLER 1848 High Wycombe, BuckinHigh Street, West Wycombe, Eng Butcher, Baker, Groc 1911High Wyvombe Yes
George Brion WELLER 1871 Wycombe Reg Dist (3rEngland. Lethbridge, Alberta, Storekeeper. Travell 1921-06-29Mountain View Cemetery, Lethbridge, Canada. Yes
G D. TAYLOR 19xx Withheld Duthie Park Cemetery Aberdeen
George Edward WELLER 1901 West Maitland 1935
George Edward WELLER 1875 Clarence TownKurri Kurri 1961-05-26Kurri Kurri
George Edward Featherstone SCHULTZE 1861 Wellington, NZ 1897-09-05Hawthorn Victoria, Australia Yes
George Ernest WELLER 1875-11-21 Berrick Salome, Oxfo
George Girdwood CHANNER 1811-03-16 Colonel in the East 1895Perivale, Middlesex, England. Yes
George Herbert WELLER 1887-11-05 1915-07-13Killed In Action at Gallipoli. Yes
George Horatio JOHNSTON 1833 Sydney 1904-12-20Sydney
George James FORD
George John Barwise WELLER 1830-08-15 SydneyClarence Town, NSW Innkeeper 1884-12-15Clarence Town Yes
George May WHITE Bedwin, Wiltshire
George Stephen WELLER 1925 Beaconsfield, UKLindale, Texas, USA 2005
George Thomas WELLER 1927-06-24 Quebec, Canada. 1999-12-17 Yes
G M. HERON 19xx
Gerard Masterman Heath WELLER 1873 Amersham Brewer 1946-12-13Henley
Gerardus Willem BRONS
Gertrude WELLER Montreal
Gertrude WELLER 1903 New York City, USA. Stenographer in a Ge 1991 Yes
Gertrude Mary AYLWARD
Gladys WELLER Yes
Gladys Heath WELLER 1872 Amersham, BuckinghamThe Plantation, Amersham, Engl Yes
G R. WELLER 19xx Withheld
Gordon WILSON Aberdeen Works on the oil rig
G A. WELLER 19xx Withheld
Grace RUHA Te Arawa, Rotorua, N
G. TAYLOR 20xx
Grace Constance DALGLEISH 1939New South Wales
G L. WELLER 20xx
G K. WELLER 19xx Withheld
Graham THOW
Graham WATSON Nottingham
Graham HERON
G P. WELLER 19xx
Greta Victoria WELLER 1897-11-10 New Zealand 1994-11-04Motueka Cemetery Motueka, Tasman District, Tasman, New Zealand Yes
Gryffine WELLER 1617-03-08
Gwendoline Blanche FORWOOD 1885-08-24 Cheshunt, Hertford, 1951-05-15

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