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Sophia Margaret WELLER
Father: Jonathan WELLER
Mother: Mary MAYNARD
Born: 1870-12-26
Died: 1931 (aged 60 years)
= Married  =
on: 1894
at: Saint Catherine House
Born: 1867-07-11
Died: 1917-03-26 (aged 49 years)
Buried: St Helen Churchyard in Berrick Salome
Children:   |
Born: 1901-09-17

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Martyn Edward BELCHER is buried at St Helen Churchyard in Berrick Salome with his wife Sophia Margaret BELCHER.

Berrick Salome Churchyard. Gravestone.
In memory of Martyn Edward BROOKHOUSE BELCHER of Berrick Salome died 26 March 1917 aged 40 years. RIP.
In loving memory of Sophia Margaret BELCHER 1870-1931.

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