Mal's Travelogues

These are the accounts of Malcolm and Tracy's travels to various countries around the globe, what we experienced, saw and felt about each place we visited. These are my impressions of these places and may not reflect a true picture of the whole country or match other peoples feelings.

Following is a list of all the places I have written about so far. Where the location is without a HyperLink I have not yet scanned the pictures and converted them into HTML. Feel free to prompt me into posting travelogues that are not yet available but which you wish to see.

Location Dates
Morocco June 2008
Everest Teahouse Trek, Nepal November 2007
Italy, Naples, Sorrento November 2006
Spain, Andalusia. June 2006
Egypt November 2005
Round the world 2 Canada, Vancouver September 2004
New Zealand, north island September 2004
Australia, Victoria September 2004
Australia, east coast October 2004
Japan October 2004
Down the Yangtse April 2001
Skiing in Soll, Austria January 2001
Tuscany, Italy April 2000
Venice November 1999
Madeira June 1999
Barcelona November 1998
Andorra (Skiing) March 1998
Jordan September 1997
Round the world 1 New York November 1995
California November 1995
New Zealand December 1995
Australia December 1995
Indonesia March 1996
Singapore March 1996
Thailand April 1996
Hong Kong 1993

Travelogues by Malcolm Weller