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Janet Alison COCKBURN
Born: 1862-11-02
= Married  =
on: 1878-10-25
at: Montreal
Charles WELLER
Father: William WELLER
Mother: Lydia HOLLOWAY
Born: 1849
Died: 1891 (aged 42 years)
Buried: Montreal
Children:   |
Born: 1879-04-25
Born: 1880-11-13
Baptised: 1882-01-13
Died: 1956-10-30
Lydia Janet Alison
Born: 1882-12-18
Baptised: 1887-06-08
Died: 1962-07-23
Normand Forrester
Born: 1886-09-23
Baptised: 1887-06-08
Died: 1953-05-16
Sarah Elizabeth
Born: 1889-07-26
Baptised: 1890-03-05

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[from Laura Kapelle Bradbard. 13-09-2005]

I believe Janet Allison Cockburn Weller was sister to William Cockburn who lived in Watervliet, NY in 1881 with his wife Christiana Goodall Cockburn. They had 7 sons, one of whom was my great-grandfather, William James Cockburn. My Cockburns came from South Leith Scotland to Montreal to New York state. I have my a copy of my great grandfather's will in which he mentions his sister.


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