The WELLER family tree

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This database contains records of 1317 people born in the years from 1543 to the present day.
Of these, 553 were born to the WELLER family name, of which 55% are male.

The following table shows the average of each statistic over the centuries;

Family nameCenturyMax. ageAv. life spanNo. of children
WELLER16th (1500's)62.362.37.0
WELLER17th (1600's)87.756.95.0
WELLER18th (1700's)
WELLER19th (1800's)
WELLER20th (1900's)94.762.82.5
Please bear in mind that these statistics are only extracted from the data that is available and may not be representative of the real world or necessarily be useful to answer any particular question.

The indicated lifespan in the 20th century may be lower than expected because many of the people born in that century have not died yet and so cannot be inculded in the data set. Likewise, the 16th century may include more data from people who have lived a long time which has been noted on a headstone.

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