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Earliest ancestors

Warborough in Oxfordshire

The earliest ancestors we have found were the Wellers of Warborough in Oxfordshire, but we know nothing about them apart from what is recorded in the registers, where the name is sometimes spelled Wheler but in the next generation is Weller again. We have found many variations of spelling, such as Welled and Welhead, which we are sure refer to the same family. At Warborough there is the spelling of William with two y's Wyllyam. There is no record of his burial there, and the only other William-with-a-y we have seen, among many Williams, was buried at Benson, some two miles away, where some of the family from Berrick Prior or Berrick Salome were buried also. This leads us to believe the family had moved to Berrick from Warborough.

The Berrick records are in the Newington registers and begin for us with the marriage of John to Mary Allam in 1669. Their son Thomas, described as 'of Roke' in his will, is the first person of whom we have some details. He was a thatcher and in his will he left his property to his wife for her lifetime, then to their children. John is to have the house and appurtenances, William two acres of land. We have a copy, with Thomas

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