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The Weller brewery (1771-1791)

Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England

The exact date at which the Weller family took possession of the premises is uncertain. What clues that do exist suggest a date in the early 1770s, perhaps indeed 1771 as suggested by the 1929 auction catalogue (Auction Catalogue, (1929), p.2). What we do know is that the founder, Mr. William Weller, married his wife, Ann House, in High Wycombe on 10 July 1758. Two years later he is described as a "maltster" in High Wycombe. The next clue is rather more obscure. In the late 1890

Church Street, Old Amersham, Rumsey's is on the left.

William Weller(1727)
(There has been a suggestion that this is actually William Weller 1797-1858. Clarification is still being sought)

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